Caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers - Recipe

Caponata with aubergines, courgettes and peppers, here is the step-by-step recipe to prepare a truly delicious vegan side dish.

Caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers - Recipe

La caponata it's a vegetarian side dish really tasty; made with peppers, courgettes and aubergines, it is perfect to accompany your main courses. There caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers (not to be confused with the traditional Sicilian caponata) does not need a long cooking and this means that the vegetables remain firm and almost crunchy. For its really tasty flavor and also for its texture, we advise you to add it in pasta or cereal salads.

Obviously the caponata is to be prepared with seasonal vegetables, but if you want to venture, you can also use some first fruits or some greenhouse products; However, respecting seasonality is a very wise thing, you will also have many advantages, there will in fact be an economic saving and above all you will buy in taste and nutritional properties.
The caponata it can be served either hot or at room temperature and this is another point in its favor because the it can also be prepared in advance. So if you have little time to devote to cooking, this is the right recipe for you.


  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 courgette
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Preparation Time:
    15 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    10 minutes
  • Rest time:
  • Dose:
    3 people to
  • Difficulty:

How to prepare aubergine, courgette and pepper caponata:

  • lavare vegetables thoroughly. Sever with a knife the stalk of the peppers, remove the seeds, the white filaments placed inside and cut them into small pieces of equal size. Sever now the end of the courgette and cut it into small pieces.
  • Cut also remove the stalk of the aubergine and slice it discarding the pulp, thus obtaining slices of aubergine about one centimeter thick, then cut it into small pieces. It is essential to cut the peppers, courgette and aubergine into pieces of equal size in order to have a homogeneous cooking.

Caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers - Recipe

  • La pulp of the eggplant it is advisable to discard it because being spongy it would absorb the cooking oil and therefore ruin the success of the dish. Consider that real caponata should only be prepared with vegetable peels; the pulp of the aubergine can obviously be used to prepare soups or even to be grilled.
  • To put  three or four tablespoons of oil in a large pan to heat it without frying it.
  • Add the peppers and cook them for a few minutes.
  • Unire also the courgettes and cook again, stirring often.
Caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers - Recipe
  • Finally, in the last minutes of cooking, add the aubergines, season with salt and cook.
  • Cooking times should not exceed ten minutes because otherwise the vegetables would overcook.
Caponata of aubergines, courgettes and peppers - Recipe
  • When cooked you can serve the caponata both hot and cold.
  • You can keep the caponata in the refrigerator for a couple of days.
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