Candies for cough and sore throat: 10 homemade recipes

Homemade cough and sore throat candies, here are many recipes to prepare them at home with a few simple ingredients to find relief from cough, sore throat and cold with natural remedies.

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A candy when we have the cough or sore throat can help you find a moment of relief from the classic annoyances of winter ailments. With some simple ingredients we can try to prepare homemade balsamic candies based on mint syrup, aniseed decoction and other useful natural ingredients such as ginger.

Here are many recipes to prepare homemade candy for cough and sore throat.


Sweets for sore throats and colds with essential oils

Sweets for sore throats and colds essential oils based on sugar and lemon. In the case of children, however, the blog Un Amore di Sapone recommends omitting essential oils and relying, for example, on honey as an ingredient. Among the essential oils indicated we find sweet orange, meta peppermint, anise, eucalyptus, lemon. THU the recipes.

Sore throat candies with lemon peel

These sore throat candy they are prepared with sugar, honey, lemon peel and fairly narrow decoctions of eucalyptus leaves in herbal tea cut, lemon peel, star anise always used as herbal tea, cinnamon sticks, licorice roots. THU recipe.

Homemade throat lozenges

To prepare some homemade throat lozenges you will need honey and water to make an infusion with herbs, including elm, cinnamon, elderberries and chamomile. A thermometer and silicone candy mold are helpful. THU recipe.

Homemade herbal candies

To prepare some homemade herbal candies you will need whole honey, aniseed seeds, mint leaves and cinnamon powder. Herbal candies can be prepared in numerous variations. THU the recipes.

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Homemade honey and lemon candies

Honey and lemon are considered gods natural remedies useful in case of cough and sore throat. Honey and lemon candies are a well-known grandmother's remedy. It is helpful to have a candy mold available to facilitate preparation. THU recipe.

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Mint balsamic candies

You want to try making your own at home balsamic candies? To prepare homemade balsamic candies with mint you will need sugar, lemon juice, water, mint syrup, oil with a delicate flavor. THU e Thu the recipes.

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Homemade aniseed candies

If you find some relief when you have a cough, cold or sore throat thanks to aniseed candies, here is the opportunity to prepare them at home. You will need sugar, anise syrup and a teaspoon of oil. Blue food coloring is optional. THU recipe.

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Homemade sore throat candy

To prepare these throat candy you will need honey, sugar and lemon juice, to which add lemon zest, mint essential oil, cinnamon, star anise, licorice roots as ingredients to obtain a decoction. THU the complete recipe.

Elderberry Throat Candies

You will find in the herbalist's shop all the ingredients you will need to prepare these elderberry throat candies: flax seeds, elderberries, gum arabic, to which add hot water and powdered sugar. THU the complete recipe.

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Homemade ginger candies

To prepare the ginger candy you will only need three simple ingredients: fresh ginger root, brown sugar and water. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and a natural antibacterial useful as a remedy for winter ailments, especially in case of a sore throat. THU recipe.

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