California prunes ok for osteoporosis

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9-10 dried plums a day are enough to defeat the risk of osteoporosis in menopause. With a couple of precautions ...

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Once again, it is fruit that provides man with the substances useful for improving his health. 10 plums a day does not completely keep the doctor away, but the orthopedist, and for some the osteopath, yes.

According to researchers from American universities Florida State e Oklahoma State, 10 dried plums a day are enough for postmenopausal women to defeat the risks of osteoporosis. As always, in the cases of studies still without official character, we must follow some precautions, but in this case, without a doubt, there is no harm. If they don't work, we know that they are extremely effective as regulators in cases of bowel blockage.

According to the Prof. Bahram Arjmandi of Florida State University, “I was skeptical when they offered me to investigate the effects; I had tested everything, but never plums ". For fairness the study was commissioned by the California Prune Producers Association, a product that we know is sold in all corners of the world (as well as by the US Department of Agriculture).

There are only two recommendations, one is the forethought is to start with 3 plums a day for gradually arrive at 9-10 necessary, and that the quality of dried plums both "La petite d'Agen", originally from the South-West of France (from which that of California is descended, of course) because it is the one tested in the study.

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