Cakes in jars: 10 ideas for preparing original desserts at home

Cakes in jars, many recipes to prepare them at home. After salads in a jar, a new culinary trend comes straight from the United States. These are jar cakes, a truly original idea to serve dessert to your guests. The desserts transform, change their appearance, but keep their flavor and characteristic ingredients inside an unusual container.

After the salads in a jar, a new culinary trend comes straight from the United States. It is about the cakes in jar, a truly original idea to serve dessert to your guests or prepare portions to take comfortably to the office (perhaps in a cooler bag for those more easily perishable cakes.

The desserts transform, change their appearance, but retain their flavor and characteristic ingredients despite being inside an unusual container.

To prepare these special cakes, jars or are used glass jars. For cakes that are baked in the oven, the secret is to pour and mix the ingredients of the dough directly into the jar and put in the oven. While for the others, alternate the layers of cream, filling or fruit with those of the previously prepared base which can also be replaced by biscuits.

Here are many ideas for experimenting with the preparation of desserts and cakes in jars.


Chocolate and coconut

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You will experience the preparation of one cake in chocolate jar to garnish with vegetable cream a basis of coconut milk. For the cream you will need to place a jar of coconut milk in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours, upside down. Then you will have to use the thickest part, draining the liquid. You can mount it lightly with whips. As for the ingredients for the dough, you will need flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, oil or butter. Here the complete recipe.


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This jar cake has among its main ingredients ginger. You can use both powdered ginger and ginger candied ginger. The selected ingredients allow you to prepare a dessert gluten free, using brown rice flour and buckwheat flour. You can add other spices to ginger, such as cinnamon and cloves. Here the tutorial and the complete recipe.

Berries dessert

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Regular glass jars - such as yoghurt or jam - are perfect for making soups desserts that do not require baking. For the base of your desserts in a jar you can make creams or homemade puddings. For example, you can prepare a vanilla pudding to be poured into the jars when it is still hot and liquid. You just have to let it cool down. Once cold, you can garnish your dessert with some berries or with seasonal fruit to taste.

Raspberry cheesecake

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A very original version of the classic cheescake plan to distribute the portions directly into glass jars or glasses. You can therefore create your usual base of dry biscuits and alternate the cream with layers of jam and seasonal fruit. Raspberries were used for the cheesecake you see in the photo. To prepare the cream of your cheesecake you can use the spreadable cheese or, alternatively, of soft tofu. THU the complete recipe.

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Tiramisu in a jar

Even the classic Tiramisu it fits perfectly to be prepared in a jar. In fact, all you have to do is alternate the different layers of cream and biscuits soaked in coffee inside, until you reach the edge. You can choose to garnish the last layer with cocoa powder. As an alternative to normal coffee - especially if you are preparing a dessert for children - you can use del barley coffee. Here is our recipe for tiramisu in a jar.

Almonds and poppy seeds

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You can prepare one of your jar cakes by enriching the dough with semi di papavero. It is advisable to soak the poppy seeds in hot water for at least an hour, before starting the preparation of the dessert. You will need to drain the poppy seeds before adding them to the other ingredients. Pour the flour and seeds into the jar first, then the liquid ingredients. For the cake topping you can use almonds. THU the complete recipe.

Quinoa and fruit

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Have you ever thought about using quinoa to prepare a dessert? Family Fresh Cooking suggests making this quinoa dessert for breakfast. You will have to cook the Quinoa following the instructions on the package (the suggestion is to boil it without adding salt). You will alternate the quinoa with layers of fresh and dried fruit. You can also add homemade custard or vegetable cream based on coconut milk. THU the complete recipe.

Oats and berries

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Another idea particularly suited to breakfast is represented by a sweet in a jar based on oat flakes. You can garnish your preparation with berries or other seasonal fruit available. Let the oat flakes soften in water or vegetable milk before composing the dessert. If you want, enrich it with homemade jam and add chopped flax seeds or Chia seeds. THU recipe.

Sponge cake Strawberry and lemon

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To prepare this cake in a jar you can alternate layers of sponge cake or of homemade margherita cake, after having sprinkled them with a little lemon juice, and layers of strawberries fresh and whipped cream, including vegetable. Garnish the top of the cake with strawberries and a slice of lemon.

Pumpkin Cake

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The delicate flavor of the pumpkin allows you to use it also in the preparation of desserts. In this case you can prepare a pumpkin puree to sweeten and enrich with cocoa powder to form one of the layers. Alternate with fresh cream, custard or pudding and with one or two layers of chopped dry biscuits. Garnish with cream, cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. Here the complete recipe.

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