Bulgur: what it is, how to cook it and valid reasons to eat it more often

Bulgur is an ancient cereal with great benefits for our body. Cheap and versatile in the kitchen, that's why you have to eat it

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Il bulghur, also known as bulgour or bulghur, is a cereal from the Middle Eastern culinary tradition.

Rich in fibers and important nutrients for our health, this food is easy to prepare and very versatile.

What does it come from? It is simply about dried and broken durum wheat, hence its particular shape in very small grains very similar to cous cous.

Let's find out how to cook bulgur and why it should be introduced often in your diet.


Bulgur: what it is and differences with couscous

As seen above, bulgur is a cereal that derives from precooked wheat, consequently, it contains gluten therefore it is not suitable for celiacs.

Once cooked it has a very similar consistency to Quinoa and cous cous; what characterizes it is the irregular shape of the beans and the large amount of fibers, effective in maintaining a correct e regular intestinal transit.

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How to cook

Bulgur is still today one of the main ingredients of many dishes of the Middle Eastern culinary tradition.

In the kitchen it is a very versatile food, because it can be used to make various types of recipes, from cold salads to soups, passing through delicious main courses such as eggplant stuffed with bulgur, up to meatballs and bulgur-based burgers, an excellent vegetable alternative.

For a Middle Eastern version, we recommend using bulgur to prepare Tabulate e pilaf, perhaps to be served with seasonal vegetables and spices; or, use this cereal as a base for the preparations of gluttons porridge, for a healthy and alternative breakfast.

On the market it can be found in three different ways:

  • small grains
  • medium grains 
  • coarse grains

Depending on the type of grain, cooking times vary, from 3 to 20 minutes.

How to cook it? It can be cooked like rice or couscous; therefore, in boiling salted water equal to twice the amount of bulgur.

Because you have to eat it more often

Bulgur is a cereal with great benefits and properties, which is why it is important to consume it often in your diet.

In addition to the high fiber content, this ancient grain is rich in vitamin A and mineral salts as:

  • Iron
  • Soccer
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Potassium

Among the other benefits we point out:

  • It keeps the blood sugar level under control, namely theindex glicemico. The reason? It has been shown that both the amount and the type of carbohydrates we put in our diet can affect blood sugar levels. Hence, it is advisable to consume low glycemic index foods, such as bulgur, oats, barley, beans, lentils, yogurt, wholemeal pasta and vegetables with a low starch content. It also affects the blood sugar load stress, for this reason, experts recommend following a healthy lifestyle and doing physical activity, able to promote relaxation of body and mind, such as Yoga or Pilates.
  • Promotes the growth of the intestinal flora; in fact, it has been shown that inserting an adequate amount of whole foods rich in fiber in one's diet contributes to the well-being of the microbiota.
  • Helps to keep in heart health; in fact, the diet affects the health of our heart system and the consumption of foods rich in triglycerides and cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease, as they increase inflammatory states and affect blood pressure.
  • It favors the intestinal transit, thanks to the high percentage of fibers; Consequently, consuming bulgur as well as other whole and fiber foods helps prevent various problems, such as constipation. Yes, because the fibers in the intestine come into contact with water, absorb it and swell, thus stimulating intestinal transit.
  • Favors the weight loss, because the fibers contained in it increase the sense of satiety, which in turn leads us to eat less and to keep the daily calorie intake under control. Therefore, introducing whole foods into your diet is a great way to avoid gaining weight; In addition, reducing the consumption of simple sugars, starches and carbohydrates has been shown to lower insulin levels in the blood, promoting weight loss, even if the effects of a prolonged low-carbohydrate diet are not yet known. Therefore, if the goal is weight loss, it is always advisable to consult a nutritionist. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that to lose weight you must follow a balanced, varied and ea diet reduced calorie content, definitely more sustainable.

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