Bt Toxin without limits in GM soy: new victory of the lobbies at the expense of health?

A recent provision of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) allows high levels of Bt Toxin in GM soybeans both that grown for animal use and that for human use.

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Unfortunately i pesticides they are commonly used in the agricultural sector to protect crops from insects and other animals that risk ruining the crop. Not only chemicals, but also bacteria including the Bacillus thuringiensis, of which its final product called Bt Toxin, a particularly poisonous toxin and deadly to various insects that attack crops. A recent provision of theEpa (Environmental Protection Agency) ha permesso high levels of this toxin in GMO soybeans both that grown for animal use and that for human use.

But let's understand better what the Bt Toxin. This substance (a protein) is produced by a bacterium that is not commonly found in the soil but which is very useful for agricultural purposes as it kills several species of insects. Bt Toxin can be used in two ways: sprinkled on crops o added to DNA of genetically modified crops, in this second case there is no longer even need for external spraying of pesticides. GMO plants in fact become able to synthesize the poisonous toxin on their own for insects and therefore are able to protect themselves.

The EPA emphasizes the absolute safety of these substances for humans and for animals that consume soy, believing that the proteins produced by the bacterium are toxic only for small insects. But there are those who argue that the Bt Toxin used in GM crops can be highly dangerous for humans and lead to the emergence of various diseases. For example, a study recently published in the Journal of Hematology & Thromboembolic Diseases linked the presence of this toxin in GMO foods to the onset of leukemia.

Greenpeace already reported years ago, among other things, another important aspect relating to the use of Bt Toxin in GMO agriculture, namely that of being a threat to the environment and biodiversity: “Genetically modified Bt plants have harmful effects on insects that are important for the natural control of parasites”.

Monsanto and the GMO world rejoice at the new "no limits" imposed on Bt Toxin, also because in addition to being a very effective solution to obtain the maximum yield from crops, it is also very economical.

Not so happy are the public opinion and the American ethical growers who propose a petition to oppose the implementation of this measure, according to what is now definitive but against which they are accepted in any case objections until April 14th. You can log on to by referring to the EPA - HQ - OPP - 2013-0704 identification number (ID) relating to this provision and write your grievances.

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