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The beans against the tumor. The polyphenols contained in the beans would be an effective weapon against the proliferation of cancer cells in the laboratory.

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Le broad beans against cancer. THE polyphenols contained in the beans would be an effective weapon against the proliferation of cancer cells in the laboratory.

This is revealed by new research conducted by scholars at Charles Sturt University, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, according to which the beans would have some huge anti-cancer properties, able to stop multiplication and the spread of cancer cells;.

In practice, in all cases analyzed in the laboratory the death rate of the cancer cells was accelerated.

According to Dr. Chris Blanchard, coordinator of the study, the results were truly surprising: “We know that the antioxidant properties they are potentially linked to the anti-cancer properties, so we tried to look for the connections - he said - We were absolutely blown away by the results ”.

Experts came to these conclusions after having cultured and tested four tumor cell lines - bladder, stomach, liver and colon - to which they applied the phenolic compounds: after 24 hours of waiting, the scientists measured the levels of proliferation and thus discovered that the cancer cell multiplication rate was significantly reduced.

But in nature the role of polyphenols is not new: in plants, phenolic compounds are substances that help determine the color, metabolism and defense mechanisms of living beings, because they play a strong protective role against insects.

The same thing is reflected in the human organism: "Healthy cells - commented Wood, one of the scholars who conducted the research - are programmed to multiply, grow and die (cell death is called apoptosis)," he explained Dr. Wood. Cancer cells evade the apoptosis process, continuing to proliferate and becoming tumors. This work demonstrated that i phenols from the bean induced the death of normal cells which turned into cancer cells. Conversely, the extracts had no effect on the proliferation of the normal human colon cells examined, a very favorable result ”.

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