Breast Cancer: Symptoms Everyone Should Know

Breast cancer. Paying attention to some warning signs is important to catch the disease in time and have a better chance of recovery

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We know that breast cancer is one of the most frequent but also the most treatable malignancies and from which it is often possible to heal. However, this is true, in most cases, only if the cancer is caught in time. Here then it is very important to pay attention to some alarm bells, these are symptoms of possible breast cancer that everyone should know.

We remind you that for breast cancer as well as for all other types of cancer, it is prevention is very important, which means not only periodically checking your health but also lead a healthy life, eat well, exercise, etc.

It must be said, however, that even if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you are not always able to escape a diagnosis of cancer, there are in fact cases in which the risk of getting sick increases due to your own genetic heritage. In the case of breast cancer this is quite common. This does not mean that we cannot protect ourselves or otherwise catch the disease in time.

In case of breast cancer it is essential to know quickly identify some signs the presence of cancerous cells. Only in this way will it be possible to identify the problem in time, treat it and fully recover one's health and life. How to do? Through thebreast self exam: being the first "doctors" of oneself is the best way we have to prevent unpleasant situations.

Here then what to do and signs to watch out for:


Do self-examination after each menstrual cycle

Every woman should check her breasts regularly, the best time to do this is in the days following the end of her period. All that needs to be done is lift your arm up and gently palpate your bare breasts with your fingers pressing down around the entire surface. It is also important to check the armpit area, as we know in fact this is a crucial point where breast cancer can occur.

Know what you are looking for

When doing self-examination it is essential to know what you are looking for. It is mainly necessary notice any lumps, bumps or bulges. Even if you feel something like this, this does not mean mathematically that you are facing breast cancer, the reasons why you can perceive irregularities are different: for example the presence of benign cysts or a naturally grainy breast. his (doing a regular self-examination, however, you can immediately notice any changes). The doctor will obviously assess the situation. Lumps that move to the touch are usually less dangerous.

Check the breast skin

After checking for lumps it is also good to make one visual breast screening to check that there are no variations. The most common symptoms that can appear on the outside are one wrinkled and wrinkled skin, thickened, red, scaly, flat breast or indentation.

Check the nipples

Watch out for the nipples! This part of the breast can also be prone to sudden changes if there is a tumor. The most common warning signs are: pain, redness, thickening, indentation, discharge (not of breast milk).

Get checked by a doctor periodically

In case you have noticed any suspicious symptoms or simply to do a routine check-up, it is good to go to your doctor (gynecologist or breast specialist) every year for a breast check that can be manual or use an ultrasound. It will then be the specialist to assess whether it is necessary to make further investigations.

In the case of breast cancer, but in all situations, it is always better to play in advance and focus on prevention.

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