Blueberries: eaten regularly they lower the pressure in menopause

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A small cup of blueberries a day is great for heart health: it lowers blood pressure and keeps blood vessels elastic

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Undoubtedly, among the fruits richest in properties, i blueberries, powerful natural antioxidants, rich in vitamins and particularly heart health benefits. In this regard, new American research has shown that regular consumption of these delicious small fruits is capable of lower the pressure.

According to the Florida State University study, all you need to do is eat a healthy heart a cup of blueberries every day, these would in fact be able to lower blood pressure but also of act on blood vessels keeping them elastic. Small berries, therefore, able to keep two dangerous risk factors for heart disease under control.

To reach this result, the researchers consumed half of the selected sample (48 women in menopause), 22 grams of powdered blueberry extract per day (which corresponds precisely to a small cup of fresh fruit) to the other half a placebo. After eight weeks, the cardiovascular health benefits were then assessed, noting among other things that every woman who had taken blueberries had a concentration of nitric oxide (vasodilator very important for the well-being of the heart) 68% higher than before.

Research team coordinator Sarah Johnson commented on the study results:

“Our findings suggest that regular blueberry consumption could potentially slow the course from pre-hypertension to hypertension, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Consumption of blueberries daily improves blood pressure and arterial stiffness in pre and post menopause in women with stage 1 hypertension ”.

The research was published in the Journal of the Academy of nutrition and dietetics.

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