Blood sugar, because when you eat sweets you shouldn't make this mistake that (almost) everyone does

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Eating sweets is one of the most natural things to do, but a study has shown that it is a big mistake

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When you eat sweets it is one of the most natural things to do, almost a need, but a study has shown that instead it is a big mistake that amplifies the negative effects of sugar intake.

Drinking water while eating sweets could cause blood sugar levels to rise too high, even more so than if you ate more sweets at the same time, without sipping anything. This is said by scientists from Suriname, South America, who believe that water helps the body absorb glucose from food.

If, therefore, a research had told us that the more you drink the less you eat foods rich in sugars and saturated fats, now the new study would rather highlight how the consumption of water on sweets (especially donuts filled with gelatin) significantly increases blood sugar levels. postprandial.

But why do sweets make you thirsty?

It would be precisely the glucose manager. The one contained in sweets is capable of slow down the time it takes for the stomach to empty: no liquids reach the intestine, where they can be absorbed, and therefore you feel thirsty. But if you drink anyway, your thirst does not go away: you will feel thirsty until the absorption time ends, that is, until the body has used all the glucose ingested.

For this new research, the scientists tested blood sugar levels in a group of 35 people who ate a jam donut and drank water before, during or after eating, or didn't drink at all.

People who drank along with the snack had the highest spike in blood glucose levels - their levels were nearly twice as high as those in other groups.

High blood sugar levels are, we know, a cause for concern because the body can become desensitized and lose the ability to properly regulate blood levels. And all of this can lead to diabetes.

This is why scientists suggest drinking before or after eating and generally avoiding drinking at the same time as eating, in order to reduce the impact of sugar consumption.

An important tip especially for those suffering from diabetes.

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