Beware of this very common supplement that everyone takes: withdrawn by ethylene oxide

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Contamination by ethylene oxide, the withdrawal is triggered for these batches of the multivitamin Polase Difesa Winter

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New alarm linked to the contamination of ethylene oxide, the toxic and carcinogenic pesticide, banned for some time by the European Union. After the withdrawal of two well-known dietary supplements, a third took place in a few days. In this case it is a few batches of the multivitamin Polase Defense Winter, also sold in supermarkets Bennet, Coop and Cadoro.

The precautionary reminder due "to the presence of ethylene oxide in concentrations higher than the permitted limits" was ordered by the Ministry of Health and concerns three batches of the supplement sold in packs of 14 and 28 bags.

Here is the sheet with the lots affected by the recall:

@Ministry of Health


If you are in possession of packages attributable to the product batches indicated above, please suspend their consumption and return them to the point of sale - reads the notice published by the Ministry of Health - Products with different batch numbers are not subject to recall and, as such, they remain regularly on the market and fully usable.

For more information about the withdrawn products, you can contact the toll-free number 800931556 or write to:

Source: Ministry of Health

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