Beware of these eggs recalled from shelves for salmonella contamination

Salmonella contamination: the withdrawal for several batches of fresh eggs under the "L'uovo del Raparo Ovo" brand is triggered

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New food recall by the Ministry of Health. This time the recall, just published, concerns several batches of fresh eggs due to a microbiological risk, linked to the detection of the Salmonella Typhimurium which - as is well known - causes gastrointestinal disorders.

The withdrawn eggs, branded "The fresh egg of Raparo Ovo", are sold in supermarkets in packs of six and produced in the province of Potenza.

Here is the product sheet:

@Ministry of Health


If you bought the eggs in question, be careful. Do not consume them and bring them back to the supermarket that sold them to you.

Source: Ministry of Health

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