Berries: 10 Amazing Health Benefits

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The extraordinary beneficial properties of berries. Raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, currants and wild strawberries are precious allies for health.

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Raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, currants and wild strawberries are precious allies for health. These overtime berries they are rich in antioxidants, beneficial substances that protect us from disease and help us prevent and fight infections.

Science is proving to be increasingly attentive to beneficial properties of berries. Now that they are in season we can take advantage of the walks in the mountains and in the countryside to collect them and to be able to consume them fresh. Let's go to the discovery of the main properties of berries.


Fanno bene al heart

Strawberries and blueberries, but in general all red fruits and berries, are rich in vitamins and really healthy. US and UK experts focused on women's health conditions and highlighted how berries can be beneficial to their heart. To protect the heart in the study in question experts indicate that we should eat strawberries and berries at least three times a week.

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They prevent aging

Uno study on berries conducted by the University of Parma has put pen to paper the beneficial effects of these fruits in prevention of aging. In this case, the benefits of berries are mainly due to the richness of polyphenols, the fundamental molecules to stem the damage caused by free radicals and to prevent chronic diseases, as well as to improve cognitive abilities.

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They help to lose weight

If you have a hard time lose weight, the secret may be in the berries. Eating three servings of berries a day would actually help burn fat and consume calories for energy. It is above all thanks to the antioxidants according to a new one study conducted in the United States that highlights the benefits of resveratrol contained in berries.

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They prevent infections

Berries, with particular reference to redberry of the cranberry type, they prevent urinary infections and help fight it. At a herbalistic level, in case of urinary infections it is advisable to take cranberry extract in the form of juice to relieve burning and discomfort.

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They limit cholesterol

Berries, with particular reference to cranberries, which have been the subject of one study specific, they help limit cholesterol and to burn fat. According to the researchers, cranberries of the Vaccinium vitis-idaea variety could prevent weight gain in people who eat a diet that is not too healthy and high in fat and help control high cholesterol.

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They lower the pressure in menopause

Among the most loved berries here are the blueberries which in this case contribute to lowering the pressure with particular reference to women in menopause. According to one study conducted in Florida it would be enough to eat a bowl of blueberries a day to protect the heart and to help lower the pressure in menopause. Another useful contribution, according to experts, comes from the powdered blueberry extract, which was tested in this study.

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They counteract inflammation

All berries have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in antioxidants. Raspberries in particular help us to prevent and combat inflammation thanks to their purifying, diuretic and refreshing action that accelerates the healing of all joint inflammations. In this case, raspberries are not only recommended as a food but also as ingredients for compresses to be applied on small wounds and sunburn.

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They improve memory

Eating berries could help improve and preserve memory, especially in the elderly. The merit is once again of the antioxidants present in these fruits. According to the researchers, the elderly who often consume berries are able to postpone the onset of cognitive decline for a few years thanks to anthocyanins, one of the most powerful antioxidant substances contained in berries.

They reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

The antioxidants present in berries could be among the best allies for reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and to counteract the negative effects of aging on the mind and nervous system. According to theAmerican Chemical Society, berries contain polyphenols that would be able to prevent Alzheimer's by helping to break down the accumulation of harmful toxins in our body.

They are an important source of folic acid

Berries are an important source of folic acid, a very essential substance in pregnancy to protect the baby from any developmental problems. Usually pregnant women are advised to supplement with folic acid to prevent any kind of risk but this substance is important to all of us, in particular to protect cardiovascular health and our brain.

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