Because children always want to watch the same movie and reread the same books

    Because children always want to watch the same movie and reread the same books

    Reading the stories, always the same, helps children to build cognitive schemes, develop a "muscle memory" and structural a safe emotional experience.

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    Repeat, do the same things again, see the same cartoon again, always have that story re-read: with an always high pleasure, with focused attention, as if it were the first time, as if the discovery was still in progress. And indeed it is. At least with the little ones.

    A child sees and reviews a film, never tires of hearing the same story, engages again and again in a certain activity, because repetition helps to understand, learn, build - a little at a time - references and schemes.

    Repeated actions, including reading books or watching a film or manipulating a material, strengthen neural connections and create a deep learning. When it comes to storytelling, albeit for children, the little ones cannot follow all the steps well right away.

    Returning to the story, having already become familiar with some part or characters, allows you to better understand the story, grasp new details, find yourself in the schemes, develop the logical paths, clarify and broaden the concepts, understand the phases and steps (what happens first, what happens next), internalize the implicit teachings and values: there is time, in short, to find all the elements and gradually put them together. Respecting one's own times, without the need for "performance", also accepting the "confusion" (for not having grasped all the elements) of the first readings. All this stimulates, reinforces cognitive patterns but not only.

    In listening to the same stories and seeing the same films (but also in practical action) one builds - with them - a sort of familiarity: knows them. Knowing produces one feeling of security: it is reassuring to know that things go a certain way, they are done that way. And we learn that there is always a way, a way to face every situation, to achieve a goal. It also allows you to consolidate memory. And if the repetition is done together - parents and children -, helps to strengthen the emotional bond and, also in sharing emotions, to build the sure foundations for lived with joy, comfort, belonging.

    In short, repetition is the basis of many aspects of learning: for adults, even more so for the little ones (in their first year of life, it takes at least 1000 repetitions to learn a word - before the child pronounces "mom "He will have heard that word repeated at least a thousand times, over and over -, when he goes to kindergarten, he will need less because the basic neural connections have already been traced). A study by the University of Sussex, on a sample of children aged 3 to 6, has shown how repeating the same stories helps develop language and a greater capacity for expression compared to peers who are always listening to different stories.

    Reading and rereading together produces another advantage: the act of opening the book and reading it creates a "muscle memory"That the child will find again, and it will be a facilitation, when he goes to school.

    In short: the repetition of the stories helps every child to learn, understand, reassure himself about his possibilities; it allows you to always open a new “window”, another level of understanding (only possible thanks to the sedimentation of the previous ones). So: let's repeat serenely again and again and again. Until the child asks for more.

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