Beating stress with the scent of flowers

    Beating stress with the scent of flowers

    Japanese research has shown how smelling floral fragrances decrease stress levels and ward off negative emotions

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    Tired, stressed and with the mood on the ground? Smell a beautiful flower. We have not gone back forty years, much less to an aromatherapy lesson because the confirmation of what we have all had the pleasure of seeing when we are in a flowery field or lighting some flower essences at home, comes from scientific research and, in particular, from the University of Tokyo which in a study conducted on mice and published in the Journal of argicoltural and food chemisty, highlighted the relaxing properties deriving from the inhalation of floral fragrances.

    Starting precisely from the many and ancient empirical evidence of the psycho-physiological effects of some natural aromas especially useful in combating negative states, dr. Akio Nakamura and his team subjected some guinea pigs to stressful situations and subsequently made them inhale some linalool, an enzyme present in the fragrance of various types of flowers such as tea, orange, grape, mango, lemon or lavender and also often used in commercial products.

    The scientists, by subsequently monitoring the reaction of the mice, were able to ascertain that indeed the substance had succeeded in reducing the altered level of neutrophils and lymphocytes present in the blood as well as to act on 109 genes linked to stressful situations, helping to bring values ​​back to near normal. New tests are now awaited to confirm the benefits also on humans.

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