Badly injured stray dog ​​enters a veterinary clinic alone for help

In Brazil, a badly injured stray dog ​​went alone to a veterinary clinic to ask for help and be treated

He is about to end up run over, his mother saves him

In Brazil, in Iguatu, veterinarians at a clinic were stunned when they saw a dog enter, seriously injured in an accident. They expected him to be accompanied by his owner, but with great surprise they realized that the animal had arrived there alone, probably driven by his intuition and his desire to survive at all costs. The CCTV cameras of the facility filmed the unusual scene of the stray dog ​​walking towards the clinic reception.

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The animal had a large wound on its neck and needed clinical treatment. " - says the veterinarian of the clinic - So he came to us and we performed the first evaluation. During the visit we realized that in fact, in addition to the wound, he had a very serious lesion connected to a tumor. The dog was in a lot of pain and very cleverly went looking for help.

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After having disinfected the wound to avoid the onset of infections, the operators of the clinic have determined that he will need to undergo an operation to treat his tumor lesion. Following some investigations, the operators of the center discovered that the stray dog ​​was fed by the citizens of a neighborhood of Iguatu and that after an injury he was taken to the Vira Lata de Raça animal shelter, from which he later escaped. 

Now the dog is back in the shelter waiting to recover from his illness and to be welcomed and pampered by a family that he so badly needs.

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