Avalanche of recalls for vegetable drinks with ethylene oxide, all batches not to be consumed

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New recall due to ethylene oxide, some batches of organic vegetable drinks of the Isola Bio brand withdrawn from the market

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

The reports of products that contain traces of the dangerous ethylene oxide inside do not stop. A real avalanche of appeals that we talk to you about every day and to which today we add some vegetable drinks from the Isola Bio brand.

To report the references of some Isola Bio drinks and creams is NaturaSì who specified that the reason for the precautionary withdrawal of these products is, once again, the presence of traces of ethylene oxide (ETO) in an ingredient contained in the drinks, the guar gum.

These are the deadlines and the batches of the products affected by the recall:

  • Supreme Cocco 1L - L: 201210 - L: 210213 - L: 210223 - L: 210316 - L: 210322
  • Almond Delight 1L - L: 201127 - L: 210128 - L: 210301 - L: 210320
  • Sugar free coconut 1L - L: 201123 / L: 201209 / L: 210215 / L: 210222 / L: 210329 / L: 210330
  • Oat Cocoa 1L - L: 210323
  • Toasted Almond 1L - L: 210206 / L: 210401
  • Coconut Cream 200ML - L: 201204 / L: 210227 / L: 210305
  • Soy Cream 200ML - L: 201203
  • Mandorla On The Go 250ml – L:210220 – L:210326

Nature It specifies that:


If you have these products at home, check the batch immediately and, if it matches, do not consume the drink but return it immediately to the store where you purchased it for a refund.  

As we said, it is a real avalanche of calls to which food, drinks or supplements are added practically every day.

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Source: NaturaSì 

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