Antitumor instead of anti-inflammatory, the mother of twins must stop breastfeeding

The story of Anna, who was banned from breastfeeding due to a medical error.

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Each new mother after giving birth she dreams of being able to breastfeed her baby, a gesture so intimate and special that it cancels in an instant, all the possible discomfort felt during pregnancy.

Ad Anna invented name with which we will call the protagonist of this one sad story, however this right was denied.

In July 2015, after the Caesarean section in which her twin girls were born, born in the 34th week, but in good health, to the woman it was forbidden to breastfeed.

The reason why? At the hospital Gemini of Rome, had been given to her For error an anticancer instead of a simple anti-inflammatory.

The day after giving birth, I started to experience some physical problems and a severe tachycardia. At the hospital, they made me a cardiological examination and found me with pericarditis. So I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory that I had taken in the past, having already suffered from this disorder, he says Anna.

But already from the first administration, the new mother realizes that the pill that the nurse had given her in her hand was different than the one she remembered.

I immediately pointed out the situation by telling the medical staff that in the past I had already taken that same drug but I was not given any answer regarding my objection, continues the woman.

For Anna the problems begin the same night: cystitis, vomiting and nausea for hours. Despite everything, the woman continues to breastfeed her babies.

Even though I felt bad, I didn't want to deprive my girls of my milk and I resisted the malaise, she explains.

He takes the same drug the next evening as well.

When the nurse came to give me the anti-inflammatory I took the box from the trolley and saw that the name was not that of the drug I had been prescribed. I asked for explanations but was told that the wording did not correspond because they were simply giving me the generic.

In the night again the general malaise. The next day, however, something happens that upsets Anna's tranquility and clarifies why she had passed hellish hours.

I will never forget the cold shower that fell on me. From Gemini they apologized but they had made a "small mistake": they had given me an antitumor instead of an anti-inflammatory.

The thought of Anna immediately goes to her little ones, she had started in those days to attach them to the breast regularly.

I knew well that it would be harder for the twins, but I had organized myself in time by taking courses, following advice. In short, I felt ready to be able to enjoy the happiness of breastfeeding in tandem not depriving my beautiful girls of the benefits of breast milk, in addition to nutritional values, the joy of sharing emotion and affection. I was denied all of this for a medical error, it was terrible, she says.

Anna is therefore forced to stop breastfeeding, pumping the milk and throwing it away.

It was very painful emotionally, I felt unhappy, but I had to think first of all about protecting the health of the twins.

On the third day the milk disappears as they begin controls tight to newborn girls: withdrawals after withdrawals to understand if the milk they had taken had created any consequences.

After just fifteen days of discharge, my girls were hospitalized again for a breakdown in hemoglobin, possibly caused by that drug. From there, it was the beginning of an ordeal of day hospital and weekly withdrawals on the girls, stressed and troubled in the first days of life.

I remember their tears, their anguish and concern for all that we had to go through. Today, I have no faith in doctors and I am always afraid when one of the girls is sick. To all this is added the pain of not having been able to breastfeed and the memory of a terrible postpartum.

Today Anna and her children They are fine, in a few days, on April 27 there will be the first mediation meeting with the Department for the protection of women's health and nascent life of the Gemelli Hospital in Rome.

All in all, Anna was lucky because she noticed it in time, but it could really have ended worse, for her and for her little girls, who still haven't quite gotten out of it yet. The woman, in fact, has currently embarked on a path of psychotherapy to overcome feelings of guilt and frustration, while the little ones will still have to undergo continuous checks and check ups to monitor the situation and the medium / long-term effects. In short, regardless of the legal aspect, it is hoped that the story will be resolved for the best for all three.

Nobody will give us back the lost serenity, the one that every mother should experience after giving birth, looking at her daughters with all the love that only a parent can give.

Dominella Trunfio

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