An apple a day keeps the doctor away and can save 8500 lives a year

An apple a day keeps the mediocre away. Not only that, it could save 8500 lives a year.

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A apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not only that: it could save 8500 lives a year. This is what emerges from a study that shows that eating an apple a day could help many people avoid diseases and deaths due to cardiovascular disorders, with special reference to infarct e ictus.

Lo study in question was published by British Medical Journal, with the title of "A statin a day keeps the doctor away: comparative proverb assessment modeling study". The comparison is between the fruit protagonist of the popular proverb and the statins, medicines that inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol endogenous, unfortunately not without side effects.

Research was conducted in UK and involved a group of patients over the age of 50. According to the calculations made by experts, with the assumption of one statin a day deaths due to cardiovascular risk would be reduced by 9500 cases per year. Eating an apple a day, the decrease was equal to 8500 deaths per year.

Apples, therefore, are really effective in protecting our body from cardiovascular diseases and the consumption of these fruits is a real good for health. The biggest advantage is theabsence of contraindications and side effects as for apples. Medicines such as statins can cause unwanted consequences, such as an increased incidence of diabetes or myopathies.

The experts ofOxford University they calculated their own estimates based on mathematical models, which were applied to data from numerous studies conducted previously. According to their calculations, if 7 out of 10 in their XNUMXs, in Great Britain, ate an apple a day, at least 8500 lives would be saved every year, as apples contribute to prevention cardiovascular diseases and related deaths.

Second as stated by Dr. Peter Coleman, a member of the Stroke Association, has long been known for the wealth of antioxidants and apple flavonoids, which are really beneficial for maintaining health. In his opinion, the present study shows that one apple a day as part of one diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, could help reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, saving numerous lives every year.

Marta Albè

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