Alkaline diet: 7 days to reduce weight, inflammation and improve health

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What does the so-called alkaline diet involve? Can this diet really help us lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve health? 

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What does the so-called alkaline diet involve? Can this diet really help us lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve health?

Alkaline diet, a diet that exploits the power of some foods of plant origin with strong anti-inflammatory qualities to promote greater health but also to promote weight loss. Let's find out how it works and a menu suitable to follow it for 7 days.

The theory behind the alkaline diet consists in dividing the different foods into acid or alkaline, taking as a reference point the pH scale that will give 0 to 14. If the value of the single food is lower than 7, we are in the presence of an acidic food, if higher, an alkaline food.

It is therefore believed that some foods, such as meat, wheat, refined sugar and processed foods, are responsible for our bodies producing acids, which is bad for health.

Foods rich in sugars and fats slightly increase the acidity of the blood and this promotes inflammation within our body. In response, the body is forced to filter minerals from the bones and organs to restore the correct pH value which is 7,4.

Choosing instead of serving alkaline foods on the table would be a powerful tool we have in our hands to prevent and fight certain diseases, including cancer. (To know in detail all the recommended foods and those to avoid as they are acidic, read here).

However, it is a controversial and much debated diet as not the whole medical community is convinced of the bases on which the theory of food alkalinity rests.

It must be said, however, that many people who have experimented with this eating style are actually convinced that it is a useful tool to enjoy good health and can also help increase their energy dose.

But what are the benefits of this diet?


Alkaline diet, benefits

The advantages of following an alkaline diet would be above all 3:

  • lose weight: this type of diet using mainly plant-based foods and avoiding animal fats can help in weight loss
  • improve health: those who follow this diet are convinced that it can be especially useful in the prevention and treatment of inflammation, arthritis and tumors.
  • have more energy: thanks to a diet rich in vitamins and mineral salts, you have the opportunity to see your energy increase in a short time for the benefit of the various activities that you perform every day.

Those who want to experience the benefits firsthand can try the alkaline diet for 7 days.

Alkaline diet, weekly menu

What allows you to eat the alkaline diet are mainly foods of plant origin (even if not all are actually alkalizing, an example for all is wheat and other cereals considered acidic).

It is essential to know that we must not completely eliminate acidic foods from our diet but that the right daily proportion should be the one that sees the introduction of 80% of alkaline foods and 20% of acidic foods.

We present an example of a weekly menu of the alkaline diet for indicative purposes only. You can ask an expert to draw up one designed and tailored to your specific needs.


Breakfast: puffed quinoa with vegetable milk and fresh fruit
Snack: a seasonal fruit
Lunch: salad with lettuce, cucumber, avocado and a handful of pistachios
Snack: a handful of toasted nuts or other dried fruit
Price: chicken with roasted potatoes and salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar


Breakfast: muesli with vegetable milk and fresh fruit
Snack: 1 fruit
Lunch: avocado and lettuce wraps with red onion plus white bean stew
Snack: a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds
Price: roasted fish with Brussels sprouts or red peppers (depending on the season). Cucumber salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.


Breakfast: red fruit smoothie
Snack: 1 mango
Lunch: rice noodles or noodles with vegetables
Snack: a handful of dried apricots
Price: courgette spaghetti with black cabbage pesto


Breakfast: oat flakes, coconut milk and almond butter
Snack: a banana
Lunch: avocado salad with chopped cabbage and broccoli, dressed with mixed vegetable seeds, oil and lemon
Snack: a handful of almonds
Price: roast chicken with baked sweet potatoes and beets


Breakfast: fruit milkshake
Snack: a fresh fruit
Lunch: quinoa with vegetables
Snack: a handful of dates
Price: risotto with mushrooms and almond flakes


Breakfast: chia pudding
Snack: half a cup of blueberries
Lunch: miso soup with fermented tofu
Snack: a handful of macadamia nuts
Price: salmon with roasted vegetables


Breakfast: porridge with oats and berries
Snack: a seasonal fruit
Lunch: Quinoa salad
Snack: a handful of dried fruit of your choice
Price: cream of pumpkin

Have you already experimented with the alkaline diet? What benefits have you found?

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