Aflatoxin risk: the withdrawal is triggered for this batch of shelled pistachio sold in supermarkets

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The Ministry of Health recalled a batch of shelled pistachio "Tray Bio" for chemical risk

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Aflatoxins hazard, present beyond the limits established by EU Regulation 165/20210. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of a batch of raw pistachio shelled "Tray Bio", sold in various supermarkets.

As is well known, the aflatoxins they can develop during cultivation, harvest and storage on numerous products of plant origin such as cereals, oil seeds (such as peanuts), spices and dried fruit. These substances can cause acute poisoning and even chronic damage (the liver is the main target of aflatoxins). 

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The lot recalled 

The "Bio Tray" shelled pistachio is sold in packs of 140 grams and is produced by Mainardi Nicola Srl in Lendinara, in the province of Rovigo. Here is the card of the product withdrawn due to chemical risk:

@Ministry of Health


Anyone who has purchased this product should avoid consuming it and bring it back to the point of sale.

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Source: Ministry of Health

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