A sugar-free year: the adventure of Eva Schaub and her family

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Eva Schaub and her family lived for a year without sugar and / or sweeteners. Here is their story

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It is possible to live without sugar and sweeteners? The answer, at least for the family of Eva Schaub, Well yes. The woman, along with her husband and her two daughters, managed to spend a whole year not only without consuming sugar but also without using other types of sweeteners. Therefore, honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave, etc. are also banned from the diet.

But why Eva, who with her family lives in Vermont (United States), have you decided to make this very difficult and complicated choice? Improve your health and that of loved ones it was the fuse that prompted Ms. Schaub to eliminate any type of sweetener. The decision came after reading some books by journalist Michael Moss and Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist who considers sugar a poison in all respects and the main cause of known diseases such as diabetes.

La challenge she showed herself a lot from the beginning difficult since many apparently unsuspected products contained sugar (salad dressings, tortillas, bread, baby food, broth, etc.). The family, however, took their goal very seriously even if they chose to indulge themselves once a month by consuming a food or drink with reduced sugar content (Eva did not deprive herself of a good glass of red wine while others chose cakes for their birthday).

Going back to ingesting sugar in the body after the long detox, however, was not easy as Eva says: “We ate the banana cream cake that my husband had asked for for his birthday party, I knew something new was happening. Not only did I dislike it but I couldn't even finish it. It tasted too sweet for my now sensitive palate, it bothered my teeth. My head started pounding and my heart started racing. I felt awful. It took a good hour lying on the sofa before I began to recover. Damn, I thought, sugar has always made me feel bad, but since it was everywhere I never noticed it before? ”.

Eva and her family during the “sugar free” year have learned to self-produced a lot at home (bread, mayonnaise and other products in which sugars are often present) ea buy bulk and fresh products. It has benefited a lot and theirs health: the daughters made fewer absences from school for health reasons and none of the family members lost weight (after all they didn't need it).

Eva was very satisfied with her experiment and even today, after having managed to carry out this arduous undertaking, has chosen to continue to follow a low-sugar diet with his family, because in this way everyone feels healthier and tends to get sick less, said the woman. The Schaub family adventure was collected in a book entitled "Year of No Sugar: A Memoir".

The Great Sugar Hunt from Stephen Schaub on Vimeo.

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