A natural cough remedy? Try chocolate

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Cough? Fight it with chocolate! The theobromine contained in cocoa, in fact, would be a natural and effective weapon against cough symptoms.

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La cough? Fight it with the chocolate! There theobromine contained in the cacao, in fact, it would be a natural and effective weapon against the cough symptoms.

To say it is one study still ongoing of the Hull Cough Clinic coordinated by Professor Alyn Morice, involving approx 300 patients in 13 British hospitals which would confirm the benefits of theobromine, a natural substance contained in cocoa, already known to others positive health effects.

From what emerges from the tests, take twice a day, for 15 days, medicines based on this substance reduces cough symptoms by 60% of patients. Not only in cases of sporadic and transient cough, but also in situations of chronic cough.

At this point, all that remains is to wait for the outcome of the experiment: if the beneficial effects of theobromine were confirmed, it would be enough eat a bar of chocolate a day to ward off bothersome cough symptoms.

In fact, a previous study - carried out some time ago by the National Heart and Lung Institute - had already shown that theobromine is able to block the action of sensory nerves, which cause coughing as a reaction. And according to experts, the substance contained in cocoa would even be more effective than some specific drugs!

On the other hand, according to what reported by the same scientists to the Daily Mail, in cases of chronic cough, when the chocolate-based “cure” ends, the symptoms reappear as before: to keep them away, it would therefore be necessary to eat a bar of chocolate every day, in a systematic and constant way. But this of course it would cause weight gain and - in some cases - a increase in blood pressure.

As he explained Alyn Morice, director of the University of Hull Cough Clinic and study coordinator:
“This new capsule we are using looks very effective. Eating a bar of dark chocolate a day, which has high levels of the compound, may also be effective for people diagnosed with persistent cough, although eating chocolate on a daily basis can have other side effects, including weight gain and etc".

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