A house where you smoke is as polluted as Beijing

Smokers' homes have concentrations of fine dust 10 times higher than those of non-smokers. In this way we are therefore exposed to pollution similar to that of a city like Beijing

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It is well known that tobacco is bad for you, despite this there are those who disdain for their own health and that of their family members, smoke in house impregnating in this way of passive smoking all environments. Now new research reveals that homes where this happens are as polluted as a large city like Beijing.

The Scottish study from the University of Aberdeen, published in Tobacco Control, wanted to evaluate the impact of fine particles found in the house, trying to understand how much these affect indoors and what kind of impact they can have on the health of those who live there.

The researchers collected and analyzed data from 4 studies also conducted in Scotland (2009-2013) during which they had been measured the levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) inside the homes of smokers (93) and non-smokers (17) for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 6-7 days.

The result? Smokers' homes had 2.5 times higher PM10 concentrations to those of non-smokers. Passive smoking is as much a health risk as (and perhaps more) than a direct one, and according to experts, among the many side effects it can give are that of exposing you to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. In a home where you smoke regularly, the levels of harmful substances (fine dust) come to be far too high compared to those considered safe by the World Health Organization, so much so that they can be compared to the concentrations found in the most polluted cities in the world. .

“These measurements show that second-hand smoke can produce very high levels of toxic particles in the home - far higher than anything else experienced in most UK cities outside. Making your home smoke-free is the most effective way to seriously reduce the inhaled amount of harmful fine particles, ”said Dr Sean Semple, lead author of the study.

If we really have to smoke, then, let's at least avoid doing it at home!

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