7 good (and simple) habits that raise your happiness level

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The behaviors to be implemented immediately to bring happiness and joy into one's life.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

"If you are happy, and you know it, clap your hands" suggests a well-known song for young and old. I, you, we, would we clap our hands, right now? Whatever the answer, it is important to underline, remember, that happiness, the real one, can be nourished by 7 good daily habits. Let's see which ones, to put them into practice immediately (if we don't already do it).


Choose healthy relationships

True friends, affections, intimate relationships represent one of the keys to our happiness: they are a source and a place of exchange of love, in its thousand shades. Not only that, as confirmed by a longitudinal study conducted by Professor Waldinger of Harvard Medical School, happy relationships have an important influence on our health, our physical and emotional well-being. Choosing carefully who we have, want, close to us is therefore fundamental.

Between giving and taking, choosing to give

Goethe wrote: “Do you want to live happy? He travels with two bags, one to give, the other to receive ". Francesco he specified that "limiting the gift in advance by saying: I will get there, but no further, it means giving absolutely nothing". Franco Zeffirelli, in his memoirs, he remembered having seen, on the wall of a hut in the oasis of Gabès, the inscription "Un pain à partager ou elle s'envole". The author discovered ("a bearded little man with haunted but laughing eyes" ), he asked him who was that "she" who would have flown away if he did not agree to share his bread with others; the man replied: "happiness".

Why these quotes? Because at first sight giving might seem demanding and indeed it is, if you are closed in on yourself, blinded by your own needs; but when one makes the effort to go further, to open oneself to life and to the natural love that flows, putting the interests of everyone - one's own and those of others - first brings - in reality - new value and richness to life. Donating, engaging in a cause, supporting an initiative for the good of the territory, people, animals makes us feel good, feel better, gives fullness and content to our life. For any skeptics: science also confirms this.

Integrity in their decisions

In daily life and at work, personal integrity - behaving transparently and correctly - is a source of well-being and self-esteem: listening to your heart, doing the right thing makes life easier, makes everyone feel at peace. Those who act with moral integrity are well-liked, are perceived as an "authentic person" and benefit from social support.

That's not all: acting with integrity can help singles attract a soul mate and, those who are already in a romantic relationship, maintain a deep bond with their partner (one of the most important qualities sought in the "soul mate", in fact , is honesty).

Practice "presence"

A "mindfulness" attitude - of "presence" and awareness, in the here and now - makes the difference in happiness and a positive and constructive attitude.

The ability to bring oneself back into inner centering - which obviously requires some meditation or mindfulness practice - allows you to recognize and accept your feelings and thoughts without being "overwhelmed" by them, looking at them to gain new information about yourself. The "presence" gives freedom and a broader and more serene perspective on what is happening.

Choose content and information

Most of the news that the mass media spread talks about wars, murders, difficulties, economic crises and so on. Much of what surrounds us reflects a negative vision, suggests themes that stimulate fear, closure, distrust when not hatred, hatred, rivalry, competition, division into partisan positions on either side.

While maintaining a link with current events, because there is no doubt that it is also important to know what is happening (being informed - and trying to do it even beyond the mainstream sources - allows you to make more free and aware choices), a conscious limit to the negative information content to which one is exposed is important.

Happy people stay positive because they check what they "let in" (on social media, watching TV, reading newspapers and interacting with people) and, at the same time, they do not allow themselves to be contaminated by feelings of hatred. retaliation, fear. An excellent antidote, then, is to turn to positive stories, to spread the stories and beautiful things that always happen all over the world: the beauty of love and of Nature, which can always be found around us, is a source of healing. and inspiration.

Exercise patience

Patience is the virtue of the strong. It is the wisdom of knowing that everything has its own time of manifestation, that haste is only of our mind. Obviously it is no coincidence that the wise Confucius he stated that "patience is power: with time and patience, every mulberry leaf becomes silk".

And in the end, when the result is finally revealed, when the set goal is achieved, the satisfaction of the "patients" is greater than the "impatient" people. In addition, those with patience experience less depression and negative emotions; he is able to cope even better with stressful and demanding situations; is able to feel more gratitude, connect with others and experience a greater sense of abundance.

Orient yourself on joy

If happiness is an emotion, authentic joy is a quality of the soul: it is a state of beauty and harmony and pleasure that flows when choosing behaviors guided by the heart.

A study conducted by the University of Kyoto has shown that when we practice gratitude, compassion, forgiveness or kindness, processes are activated that change, even in volume, a particular region of our brain, the precuneus. The more “loving” information reaches this part of the brain, the more you are able to feel well-being, joy and act accordingly: and voila, a beautiful positive spiral is triggered.

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