5 useful tips to help those who are facing a serious illness

During life it happens that you have to face difficult challenges. Anyone who spends time close to people struggling with a serious illness is familiar with this situation. If we can cope with these difficulties, our maturity and our inner world will benefit.

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During life it happens that you have to face difficult challenges. Who spends time around people who fight with one serious illness knows this situation well. If we can cope with these difficulties, our maturity and our inner world will benefit.

What matters most, however, is that our presence can be of great help for sick people if we know how to stand by them in the right way. It may be that one of our dearest people is now considered a terminally ill person. In this case we can try to lighten the weight of such a delicate phase of life with the best words and gestures.

Being close to someone who is facing a serious illness is certainly not easy. We must be strong both with respect to our pain and to the pain of the other. It's about a life lesson dreally important, even if very hard. From such an experience we will learn something unexpected and later we will feel stronger. Here are some useful tips to help those who suffer.


Accept the present moment

It is probably there mindfulness practice harder to take into consideration: accepting that a person dear to us right now is suffering a lot, is facing a serious illness and at any moment may no longer be next to us. That's why living every moment is essential, as is trying empathy towards those who are facing a great challenge. Words of encouragement and consolation and gestures of affection may seem limited to us, yet they will really help to help the other not feel alone in the worst moment of difficulty. In all cases, love and closeness produce a positive emotional impact that will certainly be perceived by the person we would like to help. Take a sick person by the hand and remind him in a few words that right now you are here beside him it is perhaps the most profound gesture of affection you could make in this situation.

Freedom of expression

Always leave the people who are suffering free to express what they would like to tell you, even though their words may be painful or may hurt you. Of course, we can intervene with a few words of comfort at the right time, but at the same time it would be better not to interrupt the speeches of those who are suffering too much. In this case yours listening skills it will be a demonstration of total empathy. Just this empathy could produce a lot of sadness in you: accept it and do not hide it from yourself. Only theacceptance of one's emotions in fact it can help to overcome the complicated moments of life. So let your loved ones speak freely without interfering or making judgments or voicing your beliefs about how things should go. Just listening on your part will be of great help to them in channeling the pain.

Sharing and caution

Before sharing your impressions with them, especially in the most delicate moments, do not forget to ask permission to speak. Always be cautious, alert and extremely sensitive and spontaneous. Your words and attitudes should never seem like something forced. The person you would like to help would understand right away. Particular attention should be paid above all to the answer to questions that could come from the patient, in particular with regard to requests regarding their medical diagnosis and the evolution of their state of health. Before we talk about important health issues, make sure the sick person really wants to know everything.

Know the last wishes

It is deeply sad to address this subject, but if you are the closest person to the sick person, you should really get to know his people in time last wishes, especially with regard to the funeral ceremony. At any moment, or else, you may find yourself having to deal with practical details that you have not taken into account. Also inquire about everything concerning the legal and bureaucratic aspects at this juncture, especially if you are the closest relatives or in any case the direct interested parties involved in an imminent change.

Respect silence

We have already talked about the ability to stay close to those who suffer in listening and the opportunity to intervene only at the right time with comforting phrases or with the expression of one's emotions, but what matters most perhaps in the face of a seriously ill or terminally ill è respect her silence. Some people may prefer to spend many hours of the day in absolute silence and with almost no one around. Respecting these wishes will be part of your task. You will still be close to your loved ones, according to their wishes.

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