5 natural popsicles: the best recipes for making them at home

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With the summer and the arrival of great heat it is almost impossible to give up a cool icicle to find some refreshment in moments of pause.

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With the summer and the arrival of the great heat it is almost impossible to give up a cool popsicle to find some refreshment in moments of pause. THE popsicles are super easy to make at home, an opportunity that will allow you to choose the flavors and variants you prefer and to obtain some completely natural products and free of artificial dyes. To sweeten your popsicles you can choose, according to your tastes, among the possible alternatives to sugar, such as stevia, rice malt or the Maple syrup. If you use ripe fruit for the preparation of the popsicles, you probably won't even feel the need to further sweeten your preparations.

Le preparation operations will be facilitated if you have at your disposal special molds for the preparation of popsicles. If you really do not have the possibility to find them, do not despair. You will have indeed found the right opportunity for reuse wooden popsicle sticks from previously purchased popsicles e plastic cups or jars. You can use them practically indefinitely if you are careful not to break them. If you opt for this solution, remember that you will have to insert the wooden toothpick inside your popsicle when it has not yet completely solidified. Start checking your popsicles about an hour after placing them in the freezer. Finally, here are five recipes from which you can draw inspiration.


Lemon popsicle

This is the easiest popsicle to make and the lemon it is usually one of the most loved by children. For its preparation it will be enough to have a fresh and ripe lemon available, even better if of biological origin. Dilute the lemon juice, after squeezing it and carefully removing the seeds, in 400 milliliters of water. So dissolve the sweetener you have chosen, divide the mixture into your molds and let the popsicles solidify in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 hours.

Peach and mint popsicles

To make these peach and mint popsicles, the mint leaves were shredded to give both flavor and color. If you prefer a more delicate taste, you can safely omit them or reduce the quantity. Here is the complete procedure to follow.

Banana popsicle

For the preparation of your banana popsicle games using very soft and ripe bananas. They will be so naturally sweet that you do not change their flavor by adding an additional sweetener, albeit natural. Every two bananas you will need to add about half a glass of lemon juice, in order to obtain a compound that can be easily transferred into the molds. If necessary, also add fresh water. Then transfer to the chosen molds and leave to freeze for a few hours. Bananas can also be accompanied by other types of fruit. Excellent combinations with strawberries or kiwi.

Popsicle with pieces of fruit

In addition to being healthy and good, these popsicles are beautiful to see. Depending on the thickness of your popsicle molds, choose fruit with slices of the right size or cut into slices of different thickness according to your needs. You will also need del lemon juice diluted in water or of plain fresh water sweetened to taste. Insert the slices of fruit inside your molds, add water or lemon juice, and complete with other slices of fruit and juice or water until completely filled. At this point you just have to leave the ice lollies to freeze in the freezer for a few hours. For the choice of fruit you can for example orient yourself towards strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, blackberries, peaches or apricots.

Green tea popsicle

Here is a popsicle with an unusual taste that you will hardly be able to find on the market and that you can then prepare at home, savoring even more the joys ofself. You will need to have a green tea bag or two teaspoons of green tea leaves for every 250 milliliters of water. Remember to prefer tea of ​​organic origin as, together with coffee, it is one of the plant species grown on a large scale for which they are unfortunately used pesticides in quantity. Prepare your green tea as usual, add some lemon juice and sweeten to taste. Let it cool and transfer to your molds or molds. After a few hours in the freezer you can enjoy your popsicles. The same preparation is suitable for any type of tea or herbal tea. You will therefore have a rich range of possibilities!

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