5 natural hangover remedies

5 natural hangover remedies

Hangover, we have chosen 5 natural remedies that help fight it, without putting your hand in the medicine cabinet.

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Whether you are a lover of beer, del wine or spirits it makes no difference; in the face of a loud hangover we are all the same. What we have in common are those now classic symptoms such as headache, stomach acid, nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue and widespread dehydration. Regardless of the time of year in which you are, there is no shortage of opportunities, even for those who drink moderately, to raise their elbow a little more than usual, perhaps on special occasions, such as St. Patrick's Day just passed.

Anyway, waking up with a hangover is not pleasant at no time of the year which is why we chose it 5 natural remedies that help fight it, without reaching for the medicine cabinet. 



This fruit is great for fighting hangovers, in particular what da champagne o spumante. Excessive alcohol intake can drastically reduce your reserves of potassium in our body and bananas are an excellent supplement of this mineral, tasty and cheap. So if after the hangover a long day of work awaits you, don't forget to eat a couple.


Even though we fill our bodies with liquids by drinking alcohol, in reality we are dehydrating. If we have caught a nice donkey let's rely on “Rule of the two jugs”. We put two jugs of water on the nightstand next to the bed (perhaps together with a couple of bananas) and drink some one before going to sleep and the other when we wake up in the morning. This will help us get better. Many people after a hangover drink water just to take an aspirin or pain reliever; there is no worse habit since medicines tend to make us feel even worse if we still have alcohol in the body.

Fruit juices

Another panacea against the hangover are fruit juices, possibly those freshly squeezed. Hiring them allows us to quickly raise the blood sugar levels and to assimilate several Vitamins. The only caution is to do not drink orange juice if we have a strong stomach acid and orient ourselves on something else. We try to avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks because they are diuretic and can worsen our state of dehydration.


Potassium efibre rich in antioxidants they can be a great help against our hangover. For breakfast, take a slice of toast or crackers and spread over it honey, even if your stomach is not of the same opinion. You will see that you will immediately feel better.


If the hangover has completely cleared your appetite and at the mere sight of a laid table your nausea increases dramatically, do not worry: it is normal. What's better than a nice soup? Rich in vitamins and nutrients it is excellent for fight hangover dehydration. You can use a good one as a basis vegetable broth or if you are more daring you can try your hand at preparing one of the many "hangover soups"From various parts of the world: Pho (Vietnam), Haejangguk (Korea), tummy (Mexico) o Borscht (Ukraine). If you like, you can add a little pepper to your soup: sweating helps eliminate toxins.

And if the words of the great poet “Lo dolce ber che never satiated” are intoxicating, we advise you more prosaically: drink responsibly.

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