5 green accessories for back to school

This year your return to school, or that of your children, will be greener and cheaper if you try to orient yourself towards the choice of second-hand products, in recycled paper and free of toxic substances.

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This year yours back to school, or that of your children, will be greener and cheaper if you try to orient yourself towards the choice of second-hand productsin recycled paper and free of toxic substances.

The first step may concern the purchase of books at the appropriate thrift shops or the exchange of the same with those who attend the same institute. After having paid off the most expensive expense in this way, try to recover as much material and stationery as possible that you already have at your disposal, so you can dial a really environmentally friendly school kit.


Blocks and notebooks

Blocks and notebooks will be among the most used materials throughout the school year, both for homework and during lessons. You can choose blocks and notebooks in recycled paper the one coming from FSC certified forests (Forest Stewardship Council), a brand that ensures that the materials used come from forests managed according to sustainability criteria. Before buying new blocks or notebooks, it will be good inspect the old ones, which may have only been used for a few pages and therefore be usable as if they were new. If, on the other hand, the old notebook is left in the middle, the sheets can be detached and used to create a new notebook.


Buy one durable backpack from the beginning it means not having to replace it year after year, as it is excessively fragile or damaged. The first rule remains that of try to avoid following the dictates of fashion and therefore to choose a backpack that can be used without embarrassment for several subsequent years. As for the choice of materials, there are backpacks designed for school and made withuse of biological tissues, such as cotton or hemp. An example of this are the backpacks produced by Ecogear in different models, suitable for both children and high school students. Hemp, in particular, is able to make backpacks very durable and well resistant to tearing.

For those who love to dare can also address the purchase of one solar backpack. Currently there are several on the market and for all budgets.

Crayons and markers

Before proceeding tobuying new crayons or markers, make sure there is really a need. Check in all old cases for assemble your new color set and contact stationeries that sell bulk colors, in order to buy only the missing pieces if necessary. In case you need to buy new packs of crayons or markers, look for the ecological markers, water based preparations instead of alcohol, and pastels in wood of FSC certified origin. As for crayons, you can find them online in soy wax and completely biodegradable

For the little ones there are also star-shaped colors, obtained from recycling of old crayons.

Whitebait and highlighters

To keep the little ones away from potentially toxic substances as much as possible, you can find them on the market ecological correctors. Whitebait tape is to be considered more environmentally friendly and less dangerous for children than liquid whitebait.

For the common highlighters, which for many more or less young students are considered as a fundamental aid in memorizing notions, it is good to know that they can be replaced by the use of simple colored pastels, perhaps in shades that recall the colors of the highlighters. Online it is possible to find gods real ecological highlighters of this type.

Pens and pencils

With regard to penne, those made using non-toxic and safe inks even for younger children, who are only now starting to approach the world of school. The use of non-toxic erasable pens allows you to avoid using the corrector. There are also refillable pens or resistant fountain pens, which allow you to keep the same pen body for a long time and reuse from year to year, replacing only the cartridges. A similar argument applies to the pencils with mechanical pencil, of which to buy only the refills, which are usually cheap and last a long time. As for the classics wooden pencils, it would be preferable to choose them with FSC certification.

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