10 reasons to wake up early every morning (tips and benefits)

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Let's find out together why it would be good to wake up early every morning and how to start this new habit

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Some people love wake up early every morning, even when they don't have to go to school or work, while others stay under the covers until the last minute. Waking up early in the morning has numerous advantages.

Let's find out together why it would be good to wake up early every morning and how to do this new habit. Maybe early in the morning you will finally be able to dedicate some time to yourself.


Precious time

If you learn to wake up well in advance of your schedule, you will finally have the time only for you. You can take a shower calmly and prepare a good breakfast. But also read a few pages of a book, meditate, go for a run or a walk outdoors. The early bird catches the worm.

Admire the sunrise

How many times have you had the opportunity to admire a spectacle of nature such as sunrise? It is a very special time of day. You will be able to observe how the colors of the sky change according to the seasons, the climate and the place where you are. Waking up at dawn brings your body back to follow the rhythms of Nature.

Leave the rush

This advice is especially true for those used to leave the house in a hurry without even having time to have breakfast or make the bed. If you start your days early, you will find that the rest of the time you will never be late and you will not have to rush. You will also be more punctual.

Get to work on time and calmly

Waking up early you will not be afraid of arriving late for work. Probably leaving the house a quarter of an hour earlier you will be able to avoid the traffic that usually causes you to get stuck on the road during the journey. If you arrive early at work, you will have a few minutes to settle in and check your mail. Once you have replied to the messages received, you can get to work with more tranquility and concentration.

Being able to have a healthy breakfast

If you are among the people who feel hungry in the morning and who need to fare colazione, waking up early will allow you to enjoy this sweet moment of the day to the fullest. In particular, you will have time to prepare a healthier breakfast than usual, which perhaps includes a homemade smoothie or a fruit salad.

Enjoy the quiet

If you wake up at 5 in the morning, you won't have any noise around you. The rest of the family will still be sleeping, there will be no television on and your home will finally seem a very quiet and peaceful place. The time gained by waking up early may become the time of day you enjoy the most.

Make movement

During the rest of the day you will probably be overwhelmed with commitments and will not find time for go for a run or a walk or to go to the gym. At this point, take advantage of the early wake up call to dedicate yourself to your body: practice Yoga and then go out for a walk. If you don't live far away and when the weather is nice, you can even think about going to work on foot or by bike.

Be more productive

For some people it is the morning hours that represent the most productive moment of the day. There are those, for example, who love to write before having breakfast. Early in the morning there are no distractions: the phone doesn't ring and work emails aren't coming yet. This is why you can proceed faster in reaching your goal.

Have more energy

Incredible but true. You will find that, after getting used to waking up earlier than usual, you will jump out of bed with much more energy and want to start the day. Your way of planning commitments will also change. You don't necessarily have to go to bed early to wake up early. You will really learn how many hours of sleep you need to feel fit.

Spend time reading

You may have been passionate readers in the past, but because of work and family commitments you no longer have time to read. If you fall asleep in the evening after reading only a few pages, try to dedicate yourself to reading in the morning. It will be a slow and very relaxing way to start the day.

5 tips to learn how to wake up early in the morning

Does waking up early every morning seem like an almost impossible undertaking? In reality it is simply about change your habits. If you find that you are taking advantage of this new lifestyle, it will not be a problem for you to keep waking up early and, above all, it will no longer be a burden, on the contrary, it will make you happy and full of energy.

Proceed step by step

If waking up an hour earlier than usual seems too sudden a decision, start 15 minutes early for a few days, then spend 30 minutes until you reach the goal you have established, also based on the time you would like to recover.

Go to sleep a little earlier

Perhaps in the evening, instead of resting or engaging in really pleasant activities, you waste time in front of the TV or surf the internet for boredom for no specific reason. So try to gain hours of sleep in the evening if you feel tired and prefer to wake up early in the morning to better manage your commitments.

Get up as soon as the alarm goes off

Place he wakes her away from the bed, so you will be forced to get up to turn it off. But then don't go back under the covers and leave your room immediately. Take a shower: contact with water will help you wake up and give you energy.


Before going to sleep choose a good reason that prompts you to get up early the next morning. For example, it could be the desire to prepare a dessert for breakfast or go out for a run to keep fit, since at other times of the day you would not find the time.

Drink a glass of water

Water helps the body to wake up. Maybe instead of plain water you could drink a nice glass of water and lemon. When you hear the alarm go off, turn it off, get up and drink your nice glass of water or lemon water. This way your body will prepare for waking up, eliminate toxins and feel ready to start the day.

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