10 natural remedies for swollen and heavy legs

With the onset of heat, the problems associated with the sensation of heaviness and swelling in the legs are often accentuated, with particular reference to the ankles, which may appear swollen. Sometimes the heaviness and swelling are accompanied by tingling or painful manifestations. Especially if you are not in the presence of a serious pathology, it is possible to act by applying some simple remedies within everyone's reach, such as the habit of greater movement and fresh foot baths at the end of the day.

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Natural remedies for swollen legs. With the onset of heat the problems related to the sensation of heaviness and weight are often accentuated swelling in the legs, with particular reference to ankles, which may appear enlarged. Sometimes the heaviness and swelling are accompanied by tingling or painful manifestations. Especially if you are not in the presence of a serious pathology, it is possible to act applying some simple remedies within everyone's reach, like the habit of greater movement and fresh foot baths at the end of the day.

Other remedies are related to herbal and phytotherapeutic field and it is therefore good to approach them on the advice of an expert, who will certainly be able to show you the best ones natural remedies depending on your physical condition.


Fresh water and foot baths

Water will not simply have to be taken in the right amount, especially in the summer season, in order to defeat the dehydration and to promote the elimination of toxins (at least two liters per day), but also used for make fresh foot baths and short showers directing the jet in the areas most affected by swelling and heaviness, so as to stimulate circulation. They can be added to the water used for the foot bath refreshing herbs, both fresh and dried, like lavender, mint, thyme and rosemary.


The problem of swollen and heavy legs can affect both those who spend several hours in a sitting position, and those who are forced to spend most of the day on their feet, without the possibility of making large movements. Here then is that, for relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, often accentuated by the heat during the summer season, it would be advisable to dedicate yourself to one even a short walk at the end of the day, a good habit that can help alleviate major annoyances.


It certainly can resort to massages to try to relieve the feeling of swelling in the legs. Exist special lymphatic drainage techniques which can be put into practice by expert operators, but simple massages can also be performed alone by proceeding with circular movements of the hands to be made starting from the ankles and proceeding upwards. For massages to a base oil such as almond or sunflower oil some can be added drops of lemon or rosemary essential oil, to achieve greater effectiveness. At the end of the day it is also useful, when you lie down, to spend a few minutes keeping the legs raised by a pillowto help deflate your ankles.


The choice of the foods we consume plays an important role in the well-being of our legs. If the swelling is caused by problems such as water retention, it is good to reduce the consumption of those foods that favor it: salt and excessively salty packaged products, canned foods, meats and cheeses. Other foods, on the other hand, have a positive effect both at the level of blood circulation and by helping the body in its purification processes. Among them we find in particular strawberries, currants and blueberries. Also recommended kiwi and citrus fruits, also rich in flavonoids and vitamin C.

Herbal Teas

A help against the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs can come from the use of some herbs suitable for the preparation of herbal teas. The herbalist may advise you to orient your choices towards fenugreek and thyme, in case your problem is related to water retention, or towards mint and blueberry leaves, Centella asiatica, fennel and witch hazel, in the event that there is a need to stimulate blood circulation. There are also ready-made and packaged herbal teas aimed at those who want to have lighter legs, whose intake should still be evaluated with the help of a herbalist.


A natural medicine expert will surely be able to advise you herbal treatments best suited to your situation. In the case of a feeling of swelling and heaviness in the legs, herbal medicine offers among its remedies mother tinctures, ointments or granular compounds based on beneficial herbs such aswitch hazel, butcher's broom, arnica or horse chestnut. Their use should begin just before the arrival of summer, so that the body prepares for the onset of heat and the discomfort caused by it.

Green tea packs

The application of compresses directly on the legs and ankles can help reduce the feeling of heaviness and swelling. An effective compress can be made leaving green tea leaves to infuse overnight or from morning to evening in boiling water. The tea must then be filtered and used to dip cotton gauze into it to be squeezed and applied to swollen legs until relief begins.

Infusion of hazelnut leaves

Thanks to hazel leaves, from buy dried in herbal medicine, you can get one beneficial infusion for circulation, to be consumed lukewarm twice a day. The ideal would be to drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening during periods when the annoying symptoms are most present, especially if the swelling is accompanied by tingling. For each cup it will be enough to use a teaspoon of dried and chopped hazelnut leaves, to be left to infuse in boiling water for fifteen minutes. Also in this case it is useful to contact the herbalist to receive precise information related to your specific condition.

Vinegar compresses

In addition to green tea, vinegar is also to be considered suitable for the preparation of compresses to be applied especially in the presence of swollen ankles. It is necessary to proceed by diluting one part of vinegar in ten parts of water and immersing in the liquid some cotton sheets long enough to be wrapped around the ankles without over-tightening. It is a pack from apply preferably in the evening and leave to act for at least fifteen minutes.

Molasses and aniseed

These two ingredients can be used for the preparation of one drink to be taken to counteract swelling in the legs due to heat, fatigue or the position taken during the day. It will be necessary to bring 500 ml of water to a boil in which to pour and let it rest for about fifteen minutes one teaspoon of molasses and one teaspoon of aniseed. The infusion should be consumed lukewarm two or three times a day. Molasses and aniseed can be purchased at a herbalist's shop.

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