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By Chris Rewers on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Los Angeles Dodgers are sporting replicas of the powder blue satin 1944 Brooklyn Dodgers alternate uniforms for all of their weekday afternoon home games this season.


The Cubs will wear replicas of their sharp 1944 away uniforms in Wednesday afternoon's game at Dodger Stadium.


This illustration of the Cubs 1944 uniforms is courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame's "Dressed to the Nines" uniform database. The Cubs on Wednesday will be wearing the road gray version on the right.

The Cubs last sported this version of the road uniform (circa 1948) for a game against the Philadelphia Phillies on June 21,1992. The highlight of that game came on Cubs starting pitcher Mike Morgan's opening delivery to Len Dykstra in the bottom of the first. Morgan went into an old-school windmill windup that cracked Harry Caray up.

1992-06 Scrapbook.JPG

Cubs shortstop Rey Sanchez sports the 1940s-era Cubs road uniform against the Philadelphia Phillies at Veterans Stadium on June 21, 1992. (Photo courtesy of The Phillies Room.)

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