Welcome, Doug Davis!

By Chris Rewers on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember how Jim Hendry and the rest of the Cubs front office would always downplay the extent of the injuries suffered by Mark Prior and Kerry Wood?

Hendry would assure the media and fans that his prized pitchers would return to action soon and that the length of their stays on the disabled list was precautionary. There was no need to rush, Hendry would say.

There is no evidence that Hendry is downplaying the injuries suffered last week by starting pitchers Randy Wells (strained forearm) and Andrew Cashner (strained rotator cuff). Both pitchers, Hendry said, would be shut down for a couple of weeks and would miss about a month of action.

If Wells and Cashner will return to action soon, then why has Hendry signed washed-up veterans Ramon Ortiz and Doug Davis this week to minor league contracts?

During Tuesday's Cubs radio broadcast, Pat Hughes informed his audience that Ortiz had an impressive debut with the Iowa Cubs.

But he described Davis "as not being in shape" and recounted his awful 2010 staistics with the Brewers - he allowed 32 earned runs on 55 hits in just 38 1/3 innings.

What does Hendry know that he is not telling us?

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