Cubs Can't Even Beat Seagulls

By Chris Rewers on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last week, I asked what the Cubs could do to solve the seagull problem at Wrigley Field.

I learned in Tuesday's Chicago Sun-Times, that the Cubs have tried and tried again to keep the gulls away, but like their on-field efforts the last 103 years, nothing seems to work.

The scavenger gulls are attracted by the large volume of discarded food on game days, and according to Jill Niland, the president of the Chicago Ornithological Society, they will eat just about anything.

The Cubs have tried a chemical repellent that sprays something similar to purple grapefruit juice into the air. They've also tried shooting off air cannons before games.
Carl Rice, the Cubs' vice president of ballpark operations, told that the team has fared better in its battle against pigeons.

The Cubs placed fake owls on the roof and played sound recordings of predators. They also installed netting to prevent pigeons from roosting in Wrigley's trusses.

Where there is food, there are also rodents. I used to live less than a block from the ballpark, and from my back porch, was amused by the large number of rats that would come out to play at dusk.

I've never witnessed a rat inside the Friendly Confines, but recall that Ozzie Guillen has claimed to have encountered rodents - "as big as pigs" - on one of his visits to Wrigley.

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