Adios, Carlos Silva

By Chris Rewers on Monday, March 28, 2011

And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out the door.

Kudos to the Cubs organization for making the right decision in naming Andrew Cashner the team's No. 5 starter and releasing Carlos Silva.


Carlos Silva allowed 21 earned runs on 32 hits in 17 1/3 innings during spring training.

The move will cost the Cubs $11.5 million - the salary owed Silva this year - but it gains the club credibility with its fans and no doubt respect for management from the players in the clubhouse. It was a logical move and had everything to do with merit and nothing to do with finances.

Silva, who arrived at camp out of shape, did nothing in Arizona to help his cause. He expressed displeasure after learning he would not be handed a rotation spot, got into a verbal dugout spat with Aramis Ramirez after a disastrous inning during the first week of spring training games, and performed horribly.

Silva had a 10.90 ERA in five spring training appearances, giving up 21 earned runs on 32 hits over 17 1/3 innings. After being acquired from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for fellow albatross Milton Bradley, Silva got off to an 8-0 start with the Cubs last season, but was 2-6 with a 6.15 ERA in the second half.

It was no surprise that the 31-year-old, 250-pound (ya right) Silva decided to take the low road and blame others, particularly new pitching coach Mark Riggins.

"He has to learn he's in the big leagues now, know what I mean?" Silva said. "There's no kids around here anymore."

It was nice to see general manager Jim Hendry and manager Mike Quade fire back.

"Obviously we're dealing with a man at this stage of his career who's not willing to face the facts," Hendry said. "What he's done for the last few years in his career, except for a two-month period, is way below major league standards. And he seems to have the continual problem (of) blaming everybody but himself.

"Basically, he wasn't good enough to make the team. You factor in not only spring training, but you try to go back and factor in the second half of last year, looking at a guy who had a 14-something ERA from July 11 and came to camp with a notion that he already had a spot in the rotation. Obviously, the first three, four outings, quite poor.

"His comments about Mark Riggins were totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Once again, it's a weakness for somebody that doesn't perform well and chooses to blame somebody else on the way out."

Quade was just as blunt.

"People need to know, whether he was upset with Riggs or whatever, everyone needs to know that this was my call," Quade said. "It wasn't Jim Hendry's. If (Silva wants) to be irritated with somebody, this is on me, OK. It was my decision, complete and totally.

"I was really disappointed when I heard (Silva's comments). First of all, he's dead fucking wrong, OK, about my pitching coach. And I have no fucking time for that.

"Respect is a two-way street. I don't want to hear anything about respect. If you ain't giving it, you ain't getting it."

What a great note to close camp on. Bring on the Pirates and let's light this candle!

"I can look in the mirror all day long," Quade said. "And I think as an organization, we can."

Whatever Silva's future brings, we do not wish him well.


Lol. Sounds like what us Mariners fans said about him!

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