The 'W'ave Is Not Part of a 'W'ay of Life

By Chris Rewers on Monday, September 6, 2010

It wasn't easy sitting through the Cubs' 18-5 loss on Sunday. It was especially bothersome to watch Starlin Castro get doubled off first base after the rookie forgot how many outs there were in the bottom of the seventh. But it was the fans who were attending Sunday's game at the Friendly Confines who really ticked me off.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, the WGN telecast captured fans in the lower deck and the bleachers doing the Wave. It made it around the playing field at least twice.

Most bothersome was the fact that few of the fans in attendance were bothered by it and many appeared to be participating in the contrived, cheesy cheer with a great deal of gusto.

Who were these imposters disguised as Cubs fans?

It is at least the third time this season that such a travesty has occured at Wrigley Field.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised in the near future to see fans at the Friendly Confines responding to a message on the scoreboard to "Make Noise!" Nor should I be floored to someday see Wrigley fans using thundersticks. And it will only be a matter of time until fans pass the time by bopping a beach ball through the bleachers.

Any Cub fan knows - or at least should know - that Cubs fans don't do the wave.

Shame on the fans who participated on Sunday.

Posted Monday, September 6, 2010 by Chris Rewers


For many years, I roamed the Friendly Confines' cheap seats (back when they still were) and spent much time talking to the real fans.

Bill Veeck use to say, by inverse proportions of what a fan paid for his ticket was his knowledge of the game.

I converted many non-believers into loyal Cubs fans by giving them a special oath:

"In the name of the father, Bill Veeck Sr., and the son, Bill Veeck Jr., and the holy soul of Charlie Grimm... Holy Cow, you're now a Cubs fan!"

Then I gave them copies of my "10 CubFan-Mandments."

I always told them that I felt No. 8 was the most important: "Thou shall not start or participate in the Wave in Wrigley Field, or you will be Ex-Fan-Municated!"

I stopped many Waves as they started, by informing those heathens to go to 35th Street, if they wanted to do the Wave. It's bad enough, that many fans like myself, have been priced out of the ballpark by the face value of a bleacher seat,
but it hurts even more to know that we have been replaced by those who do not respect our history and our customs.

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