Hendry Memoirs Would Be a Real Page Turner

By Chris Rewers on Friday, September 10, 2010

According to the Tribune's Paul Sullivan, a fake press release was inserted with the game day media notes in the Miller Park press box Friday describing a fictional book authored by Jim Hendry.

"How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League," the release said. "Read in Jim Hendry's own words how the Chicago Cubs managed to finish near the bottom of the National League Central Division with the highest payroll in the National League."

Chapters include:

"Why I signed Milton Bradley!

"Why I released Casey McGehee only to see him hit 20 home runs and drive in nearly 100 runs for a division rival!

"Why I hired former Pittsburgh general manager Dave Littlefield, the man who helped make the Pirates what they are today, as my special assistant!

"How I botched the recall of Micah Hoffpauir from our minor league team in Iowa by losing track of the number of days that he was in the minors!

"Why I signed players to long-term contracts with limited trade options!

"Reserve your copy today!"

On his Twitter page, Sullivan described the release as "tacky."

God forbid, that somebody would have the nerve to tamper with the sacred media notes.

But I found it humorous and thought it contained many elements of truth.

Hats off to whoever was responsible. It took some guts and ingenuity to pull off a stunt like that.

Unprofessional and tasteless? Absolutely.

But also pretty darned funny.

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