Colvin Remains in Hospital

By Chris Rewers on Monday, September 20, 2010

Tyler Colvin remained in a Miami hospital Monday on eday after he was impaled by Welington Castillo's shattered bat while running the bases during Sunday's Cubs 13-3 victory over the host Florida Marlins.

The lack of blood caused me to underestimate the severity of Colvin's injury.

As Colvin was escorted back to the dugout by Cubs trainer Mark O'Neal, my initial reaction was to the profanity coming from Colvin or someone in the Cubs' dugout that was detected by a WGN-TV boom mic. If that was Colvin cussing, I apologize for criticizing him.

According to a story by Bob Nightengale on USA Today's Web site Monday, the bat shard punctured Colvin's chest. The injury required a chest tube to be implanted in Colvin to prevent a collapsed lung.

The severity of the injury was best illustrated from a series of screen shots taken from the telecasts on WGN and Fox Sports Net Florida.

We wish Colvin a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him next season.

We also hope that Major League Baseball takes another serious look at the issue of the use of maple bats. According to several stories that I have read, the likelihood of maple bats being outlawed is remote. But everything possible needs to be done by MLB and the bat manufacturers to make the bats more safe.

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