By Chris Rewers on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bob Brenly did not pull any punches after Derrek Lee smashed a three-run double to the right of Aramis Ramirez and inside the third-base line in the eighth inning of Sunday's Cubs debacle at Wrigley Field. Lee's first hit as a member of the Braves gave Atlanta a 13-3 lead.

"I know it's the end of a long, miserable season but I'm wondering if Aramis Ramirez is ever going to get in front of a groundball the rest of the year. Every ball that goes in that direction he plays it off to the side, and that time it got all the way down into the corner to clear the bases."

And I agree with the observation of Agony & Ivy publisher Steve Rhodes, that it seemed quite awkward when Jim Hendry visited the booth to discuss Lou Piniella, Alan Trammell, and Mike Quade while seated next to Brenly. It is assumed that Brenly is among the candidates for the managerial job in 2011.

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