Nachos In A Helmet

By Chris Rewers on Saturday, July 17, 2010

When we were kids, a trip to Tastee Freez or Dairy Queen for a summer treat was always cherished.

The ice cream was reason enough to go, but whenever the stand served the ice cream in an MLB mini-helmet, it was even better. Enjoy the ice cream; take home a souvenir.

The Big Slugger Nachos at Wrigley are similarly appealing, offering patrons a snack that is served in a full-sized replica plastic Cubs batting helmet. There's something for now and something for later.

The item, which will set you back $15 and offers enough food to satisfy several fans, is available at Big Dawgs on the left-field main concourse; The Cub House behind home plate on the terrace/mezzanine level; and Bleacher Bums on the second level of the bleachers.

My wife, Denise, made our concession run during our most recent trip to the Friendly Confines and purchased the nachos at the Big Dawgs stand. Denise was very impressed with the customer service.

"The woman who took my order was hot and sweaty, but she was so nice!" Denise said. "After I placed my order, she asked me what my name was and she referred to me by my name while they were getting my order ready. She asked me how I was enjoying the game and if I needed anything else. She was terrific."

Concessionaire Levy Restaurants describes the Big Slugger Nachos as a bed of tortilla chips topped with "chili con carne, cheese, tomatoes, onions, sliced jalapenos, black olives, chopped green onions, cilantro, and a drizzle of sour cream."

Be sure to request extra napkins.

Levy Restaurants director of operations Mike Iacobelli claims that the item includes "up to two pounds" of food and when I was presented with the helmet, I couldn't argue with the claim. It certainly got the attention of those seated around us and was ideal for sharing.

"It's like Man vs.Food," Denise said as we went began to dig in.

The food definitely won.

We were pleased that the nachos were served with two layers of chips and toppings. I did not once pull a dry chip. They were tasty and spicy, but also rich, very messy and impossible to finish. By the time we got to the bottom of the helmet, the chili was cold and the chips were soggy. We were full and what was left was rather unappetizing.

Despite going through a pile of napkins, my scorecard still ended up covered with cheese stains.

The Big Slugger Nachos was a worthwhile snack, but I would not recommend it as ideal fare on a first date.

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