Tunney Vision

By Beachwood Reporter on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Does Ald. Tom Tunney think the street vendors working the sidewalks around Wrigley Field are stupid?

That's what at least one veteran hawker wants to know, now that Tunney is back with a new proposed ordinance that would ban peddlers at the ballpark's key intersections.

This is Tunney's second go-around on this issue.

Last summer, Tunney was caught telling the truth about his real motivation:

"Tunney has said he wants to ban vendors and street performers from the blocks surrounding Wrigley Field because they pose a 'public safety' problem - an absurd premise to begin with.

"But in a closed-door meeting he kept reporters out of, he admitted his real motivation was to protect standing businesses in the area from competition."

So, yes, he thinks the vendors who would be put out - and us - are stupid.

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