Aisle 231, Row 9, Seat 12

By Chris Rewers on Monday, May 31, 2010

"Should I bring a sweatshirt?" my wife Denise asked me as we were preparing to leave the house for our most recent visit to Wrigley Field.

I told her that she probably wouldn't need an extra layer, but that it couldn't hurt to bring a sweatshirt along.

Weather in Chicago is unpredictable, especially in May and especially at Wrigley Field.

Fortunately, the extra clothing was not needed when we attended the Cubs-Dodgers game on May 25. It was a perfect evening for a ballgame with the temperature in the low 70s, low humidity, and hardly any breeze. The flags on top of the center-field scoreboard and the foulpoles were limp for a majority of the game.

This was my fifth game of the season and my first this year in our "Dave Seats."

Dave, a co-worker of my wife, has five season tickets - three in Row 8 and two more in Row 9. He sells us two of his seats to several games each season.

The best part of the "Dave Seats" is the opportunity to sit behind Dave. He is a friendly gentleman who also happens to be a passionate and knowledgeable Cubs fan. I always enjoy talking baseball with him.

The second best part of the "Dave Seats" is the view.


Our vantage point is unobstructed by pillars. We also have a clear view of the center-field scoreboard, television monitors that show replays directly above us, and the cover of the upper deck in the event of rain. The only part of the field that cannot be seen is the right-field corner.

The third best part of the "Dave Seats," at least on this particular night, was the elbow room. We had empty seats on each side of us and the extra space was a nice tradeoff for being so far away from the aisles.

The game was a 2-hour, 19-minute thing of beauty as Ryan Dempster and Carlos Marmol combined on a three-hit shutout in the Cubs' 3-0 victory. We were also treated to a Derrek Lee home run.

Other observations during the evening:

* The announced attendnce was 34,749, but I doubt there were that many in the house. I was surprised when I heard a radio ad Tuesday afternoon that declared "bleacher seats are still available for Tuesday night's game." It was not false advertising. The center-field bleachers were mostly empty and there was noticeable space in the left-field and right-field corners of the bleachers. There were also plenty of empty seats near the left-field foul pole and in the 400 and 500 levels in the left-field corner of the upper deck.

* We were amused by two 20-something couples who were seated two rows in front of us. One of the young women, who was sporting a vintage Cubs "Wood 34" T-shirt, was sound asleep on her companion's lap by the top of the second. Either she began her pregame show a bit early or had a really tough day at work.

"She doesn't belong here, that's for sure," Denise said.

I thought she fit in perfectly with a typical Wrigley night game crowd that on this particular night included Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers sporting a sequin glove on his left hand.

The two gentlemen looked uncomfortable and quite embarrassed. The gal awoke in the bottom of the fourth but was noticeably groggy. All four in the group departed in the top of the fifth and were never seen again.

I told Denise if she had pulled such a stunt when we were still dating that we may have never made it to the altar.

Denise said nothing, but rolled her eyes.

* Lee Smith was the seventh-inning stretch conductor. I love Big Lee Arthur and find him as worthy for the Hall of Fame as any of the relievers who are enshrined in Cooperstown. His stats match up with Bruce Sutter, Rich Gossage, Rollie Fingers, and Dennis Eckersley.

Smith sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" just fine, but didn't seem to want to start singing the tune, leaving poor organist Gary Pressey in a tough spot. Pressey tried, but was unable to match the sounds of his keyboard with Smith's singing. The result was a cacophonous mess.

* Finally, jeers to the jerk who in the bottom of the eighth heckled three Dodgers fans who were sitting in our section. Was it really necessary for the guy to give two women and a child who were wearing Dodgers jerseys such a hard time for deciding to leave early? Why did he have to be a sore winner? Perhaps you can blame it on krausening.

Denise noticed that the moron, himself, departed in the ninth inning.

"Don't give the rest of us (Cubs fans) a bad name!" an upset Denise yelled at the departing knucklehead. "You don't heckle kids. Period!"

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