Sori Not Sorry

By Beachwood Reporter on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Soriano was summoned into Piniella's office for a pre-game meeting," Paul Sullivan reports for the Tribune.

Did Lou have his belt off?

"He called me because some media asked the question, 'Why didn't I run?'" Soriano told Sullivan. "But I explained to him why. I could've made third, but I don't want to make the second out at third either."

So he decided right after he hit the ball that he could've made third - or not. So he dogged it.

"Piniella said he told Soriano: "When you hit the ball, even if you might think it's a home run, leave the box, and when you recognize it is a home run for sure, then you can go into your trot."

Soriano, 34, is in his 12th season as a major leaguer and his manager is teaching him how to leave the batter's box after he hits the ball.

"But I have talked to Alfonso about it," Piniella said. "And you know what? At times, habits are hard to break."

For $18 mil a year, I could break every bad habit I have in 24 hours or less.

"Look, a really fast player would've had a triple for sure," he said. "In Alfonso's case, I'm not going to say he should've or not because I didn't see it. But look, it's a long way out there (to center) and he obviously thought it was a home run when he hit it. But it didn't go out. It hit the wall. But we've talked to him about it, and we'll see if it works. I think it will."

Spoken like a man who has truly lost his fire.

Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2010 by Beachwood Reporter

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