Running Lessons Next For Soriano

By Beachwood Reporter on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Another problem is the daily saga of Alfonso Soriano, who brought back the hop when catching fly balls that he said over the weekend he had ditched, and also stood at the plate admiring a long fly ball in the second inning," Paul Sullivan writes in the Tribune. "He wound up with a double but could've had a triple if he had run out of the box. Soriano wound up stranded at third."

Dusty Piniella (or is it Lou Baker?) said "He probably thought it was a home run, didn't he? This is a big ballpark. Yeah."

Sullivan asked if Soriano's act made Piniella angry.

"I'm going to talk to him," Piniella said.

Maybe just write a note in the memo portion of his paycheck.

"Soriano said he 'hit it very good,' and realized he had to run after a few steps out of the box."

Watching all that video is finally paying off. You have to run after you hit the ball!

"'The more important thing was I made a very good swing at that ball,' he said, adding he didn't think he could've had a triple."

And according to the crystal ball he consulted before the at-bat, there was no chance an outfielder would slip or bobble the ball or throw wildly back to the infield.

"Soriano also conceded he did the hop to 'feel comfortable' in the field."

The hop should never have been allowed in the first place; Cubs managers never learn that when they enable the worst habits of their "superstars" they only get what they deserve in return, which is superstar attitude. A lot of managers would never put up with this nonsense, but then, that's modern Cubbie culture.

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