Brewers 8, Cubs 6

By Chris Rewers on Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hero: Marlon Byrd's two-run homer in the fourth inning tied the game at 4, and came right after Pat and Ron explained what a terrific guy Marlon is and what a great presence he is in the clubhouse. He could not have timed it better.

Goat: The Cubs have a full-time nutritionist on the payroll. Would someone please tell him to make sure that Carlos Zambrano is properly hydrated? Water, Gatorade, whatever. I thought the mention of Z's cramps was a thing of the past.

As for Z's theatrics?

Kevin Costner's Crash Davis character in Bull Durham would appreciate this: When Zambrano wins he's colorful, but when he loses he's a slob.

Key Plays: Milwaukee's Joe Inglett was walked by Cubs reliever Jeff Samardjiza with the score tied in the seventh, stole second, and scored the run that put the Brewers ahead to stay on a Rickie Weeks single.

Comment: The only parallel I could draw from Zambrano's struggles with forearm cramps is Rick Reuschel's blister problem in the late 70s. Jack Brickhouse would go on and on about the little old ladies in Peoria and Davenport who would mail Big Rick remedies like pickle brine and Vasoline conconctions. Rick went on for over another decade as an excellent major league pitcher, so I suspect those "remedies" went right in the trash can.

Next: Thursday's loss is no big deal. The Cubs still took two of three from the Brewers and the pathetic Astros, who won their first game on Thursday, are ripe for a series sweep. How does a 5-1 homestand sound?

Carlos Silva (0-0, 1.50) will make his Wrigley debut as a Cub on Friday (CSN, 1:20 p.m.), opposing Houston's Felipe Paulino (0-0, 7.20).

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