Bleacher Bum B.S.

By Beachwood Reporter on Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Marlon Byrd has become a fan favorite in his first few weeks as a Cub, and has been trading salaams with the bleacher bums before every game," Paul Sullivan writes in the Tribune.

Sadly, there are no Bleacher Bums anymore. Bleacher Bummers? Yes. Bleacher Brats? Yes. Bleacher Yums (Young Upwardly-Mobile Marketers)? Yes. But the bleachers are hardly filled with folks you could call bums in any sense of the word anymore. The bleachers are now sponsored by Bud Light and populated with just the kind of people who drink it.

* Brought to you by . . .
* . . . the crappy taste of . . .
* . . . Bud Light.


They are not like the fans Lee Elia referred to in his 1983 rant, that's for sure.

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