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By Beachwood Reporter on Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Wednesday night's Chicago Tribune Live:

Slightly edited for clarity.

David Kaplan: I wholeheartedly support this move.

Phil Rogers: No. I wonder why it wasn't Ryan Dempster, the guy who's done it before. He will become the highest paid reliever in baseball history; he blows right past Mariano Rivera.

Paul Sullivan: Floored. Totally floored . . . It never crossed my mind. He would be the last guy I thought would do it . . . I was totally stunned.

Mark Vasko: He's gonna have to come to the ballpark every day and be ready to pitch . . .

Vasko notes that Zambrano has been a bit of a slow starter with first-inning problems.

Sullivan: He's kind of a fidgety starter and gets into the groove as the game goes on.

Kaplan says the rest of the starters are performing too well to move to the bullpen.

Rogers: None of them have pitched that good, Kap.

Kaplan: The other starters' ERA is 2.25!

Dan Pompeii: This move to me smacks of panic . . . it's unheard of, it's just not done . . . [Lou] thinks Carlos Zambrano is gonna be a "stabilizing force"?

Lou also described Zambrano as a team player.

Rogers: A team player? He's a guy who after he starts may or may not be in the clubhouse or on the bench watching these games . . . this underscores how poorly this roster was put together.

Bob Brenly: Sometimes desperate situations call for desperate measures.

When discussing who was most responsible for the decision - Hendry, Piniella, Rothschild - we got this little bit of intrigue.

Rogers: [Special assistant] Greg Maddux has more of an influence than people know.

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