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That Slipping Feeling

By JCB on Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I really hope the next couple weeks don't remind me of how it felt to leave the bleachers last night.

It was my first time back to Wrigley Field since 2007; and my first time back to the bleachers since 2006. Before that, I'd gone every season since at least 1998, if not before. (Younger memories get fuzzier each year.) Last season, not going even once left a true void. I had been looking forward to last night's game for a long time, then, and to see it lining up with Rich Harden pitching for the Cubs only added to my enthusiasm because he's been the one pitcher recently who seems capable of leading the team to a position to win by sheer force of will.

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Sincerely, JCB

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