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Regarding Barry Bonds

By JCB on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I haven’t been following the Barry Bonds indictment story that closely. I heard about it on ESPN when the story broke, and elsewhere on some news channels, and I read a few pieces online here and there. I figured—like most of us probably figured—that our intuition turned out to be right, that Bonds must have tried to cover something up, that he must have not only used steroids but used them knowingly and lied about it, and that the government had finished up its investigation and so was ready to reveal its evidence proving all of this.

The media didn’t help with avoiding our jumping to this conclusion. The familiar refrain was that “If convicted on all counts, Barry Bonds could spend as many as 30 years in jail.” They all quoted the indictment, but never refuted the suggestion that this would lead to a conviction of some sort, effectively suggesting conviction in listener’s minds. Not once did anyone I heard mention that having enough evidence to get an indictment is a long way from having enough evidence to convict. It may be that Bonds is guilty, but regardless, initial portrayals painted it that way.

Last weekend, in any case, I had a little time to kill while drinking some coffee, so I finally read the indictment court document.

My reaction: “That’s it???”

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Photos: Games 80 & 81

By JCB on Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've been catching up on some work—and procrastinating a bit—so I decided to post photos I took at the final two home games of the season. Long overdue, but on the other hand, maybe with the doldrums of winter just around the corner we can all use a visual reminder of how great late September was for us.

First though, farewell Jacques Jones. We were all a little bit curious when the Cubs went after you a couple of seasons ago. You were a streaky hitter, and your arm in the outfield was somewhere between abysmal and awful. But, you had a good attitude, and came through for us with a few timely hits. We all wish you the best wherever else you land.

Also, Nick Cafardo writes for the Boston Globe online that Kerry Wood is on the Red Sox' radar. HELL. 'On radar' is a long way from anything substantive (like negotiations), and little tidbits like this are how unfounded rumors start, and really, Wood is certainly on every team's radar—winning pitchers with 97mph fastballs who are potentially free agents are not exactly inconspicuous—so any beat writer could have written this exact blurb, but of all the teams... the Red Sox?? HELL. Say it ain't so.

(In case it was Wood's last regular season home game, there's a few extra photos of him below. Consider this my anti-jinx.)

On to the photos.

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Roger Angell on Joe Torre

By JCB on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I started reading the latest New Yorker’s “Talk of the Town” section this afternoon, which led with a comment entitled “ So Long, Joe.” Discussing the significance of Joe Torre’s exit from New York, the comment was so well written that I thought to myself, “Man, this reminds me of Roger Angell—it’s really good. I hope he writes a baseball essay this year, and I hope it comes out sometime soon.” Turns out, as I reached by byline at the end, it wasn’t his post-season essay, but the writer was Angell, and it’s better than really good.

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