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By JCB on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pat Hughes: “That might be the best throw by a Cub outfielder we’ve seen in two or three years.” Felix Pie, throwing out Russell Branyan at the plate on a perfect strike, on the fly. In the 10th inning of a tie game. Preserving the tie. My oh my.

Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. But let’s also not make a molehill out of a mountain.

Listening to Pat call that one over the internet stream while in the law library working on a legal memo has easily been the highlight of my week. Much better than the highlight of last weekend, which was an awesome parallel parking job I accomplished in front of the law library. Anyway...

Is there any way the Cubs win that game if Pie doesn’t make that throw?

The Padres scored first. So far this season, the Cubs have not won a game in which their opponent scores first. In that respect and more, they have played uninspired baseball. I suppose it’s possible they find a way to win in extra innings coming from behind... but let’s just say I wouldn’t have bet real money on it.

As I write this, the game is in the 12th inning. Still tied. In 10 minutes, I have a meeting and so I will likely miss the end. So we’ll see how the story ends.

Nonetheless. Big time players make big time plays. No one would have thought anything of it if Pie didn’t make that throw. But he did. And you can’t take that back now. Ever. The kid must be -- has to be -- for real, or he would have never made that play in his first major league game, in as pressure-filled a spot as there is in an April baseball game. He got his shot, and he made one of the best plays of the year (and we can say that already). That means something.

* * *

A couple of game notes from yesterday and today, for old times sake:

  • Len: “Of course, the best thing would be for Soriano to miss maybe a day and then come back.”
    JCB to AWL: “I’ll text Y to 56608 on that one.”

  • Did you catch Bob Brenly speaking of “prodigious power”? Was that... the ghost of Chip Caray?

  • And can you still think wins are not correlated with great fan cam action? Early on, I predicted a good game Monday night on the basis of first inning fan cam. Say whatever you will, but there it is – a Cub blowout. Even AWL, a prodigious skeptic on such mystic matters, is on board for this one.

  • I don’t think 2-game series should be allowed to be called “swept.” It just doesn’t feel as satisfying. Just sayin’. Although I’m fine with double-headers being referred to as swept. Huh.

  • My first Pat & Ron broadcast, and before the third batter even comes up Ron has already botched using the cough button. Comedy ensues.
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2007 by JCB


Wait, let's go back a second. You learned to parallel park? j/k... Pie, yeah let's hype it up a bit. He made a great throw.. but it was a throw any good major league outfielder should have made. It's not like it was a liner in the gap that he fielded near the warning track or anything it was a hard grounder up the middle, he was charging the whole way. Now besides that, no matter what happens, I'm happy Pinella has the balls to shake things up. I've already heard people complaining that they didn't keep the extra pitcher the other day and that cost them the game with only Ohman left on the bench. Seriously, how can you plan a 14 inning game? Let Pinella do what he wants with pitchers, fielders, minor leaguers, fielding positions, batting order, whatever, until we start seeing wins. It's better than waiting until next week or until next month or next year or until someone gets healthy.

Telling stat from Pat last nite (a tidy win over Atlanta): Cubs are 0-6 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs.

Lou Pinella's official first "checkpoint'' for team, 16, games, comes after today's Card matchup...I wonder what he'll say or if anyone will bring it up today or in AM press briefing before Sat. game (at best Cubs will be 2 games below .500). They've underachieved or "found ways to lose,'' given their decent starting pitching...Folks like to break season into segments; 16 games is not enough to come to any conclusions, but you see trends and good/bad things. the main thing the cubs need now is to start getting some outfield power production, somewhere, somehow...Am sure Soriano's gonna deliver once he gets back. he always has. Wonder if a Trade's brewing meantime (Sullivan in Tribune mentions Jones possibly being dealt as one solution to the outfield surplus, but then who plays right?).

The good news is no one's running away with this div. like the other two in NL with strong teams (Atl, NY, LAD, Ariz) at top..Cards are scuffling as bad or worse than the Cubs with some similarities: not enough offense, rebuilt rotation doing better than expected (minus Carpenter now, but we're still minus Prior now and seemingly forever!!)....

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